Summary: Jesus feeding the 5,000 is not only about sharing, but added value. All you can eat means: you can get all life has to offer

"By the breaking of the bread, he makes it into a seedbed of food--for if the bread had been left intact and not pulled apart and broken into pieces, they would have been unable to feed the great crowds of men, women, and children....Mysteries are made manifest, so that what did not feed the multitude of people in its original whole and unbroken state now feeds them in its divided state."

(Jerome, 4th century bishop)

And all ate and were filled: All you can eat!

Why would anyone write a story like this?

- Cause: Nutrition awareness

- Questioning all you can eat!

- Healthy Food: Carbs, Omega 3

- Obesity

- Sharing: Food and care, Food bank, Africa, distribution

- It’s not only about sharing, but added value (twelve baskets full)

- In the first place it is about Jesus

- Jesus is God

- who feeds Israels in the desert (manna)

- adding the crowds that would follow him

- It’s not only collecting the remaining bread but putting it into 12 baskets

Who are you in this story?

One of the disciples? - understanding

- obedient

- not understanding

- not obeying

Are you scared? - Johns death

- prosecution

- managing an event with 5,000 attendees

Among the crowds? - Enthusiastic because of the Messiah

- silent follower

- head of family

- caring mother

- kids without being asked

- stayed because he cured the sick

Boy, as far as I am concerned those disciples really had reason to worry. They have always managed small group events for their rabbi, but now 5,000 men at a time, besides women and children. By the way, why the hell aren’t families counted? As it comes to dinner counting them as well is crucial.

But what are 5,000 attendees compared to the 15,000 performers alone that were in the Beijing opening ceremony?

- a spectecular show

- 15,000 human beings used in function where you would normal suspect a machine at work

- Leadership says: We got enough poeple

- Sad but true: no matter how magnificent this shows was, human beings don’t count for a regime ruling over 1.3 billion people.

- An important word was "Dream" realized as a globe entirely occupied by Chinese men. What a dream. What a Mao-socialist dream. In this world of China there is no room for miracles, because the Party is ruling all over the place.

What is the biggest miracle in our story?

- maybe that little side note before the feast begins: He had compassion for them and cured the sick.

- Being cured after having been sick for years or decades, immediate recovery after surgery that is by far more life changing than a simple meal

- belonging to a group that blessed after having been errant for years or decades, may be the true healing

- it’s a story like that of Lopez Lomong, a former lost boy in Sudan, who ended up being the American flag bearer in Beijing, thanking God for this blessing.

We may feel prosecuted or drifting, yet God is with us, as he was with Israel in the desert.

We may have all kinds of digestion issues, God feeds us exactly with what we need for the day.

all you can eat means: you can get all life has to offer

And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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