Summary: Salvation is more than just saying yes. It’s more than just being baptized. It’s more than going to church. It’s a lifetime commitment to the most wonderful friend of them all.

I was listening to a sermon by R. C. Sproul and he quoted a theologian from some college somewhere. I didn’t catch the guys name but when I heard the quote it got my attention.

“Religion is the Opiate of the people”


Kills pain

Takes away our problems

Temporary Fix

There’s a slight problem with religion being the opiate of the people.

Too many people are using it to kill the pain, take away their problems , or for a temporary fix.

I title today’s sermon: Almost Christian

Turn to Mark 6: 12-28

(Go over the verses)

J. Vernon McGee estimates that 75% of church members might not be genuinly saved.

Billy Graham backs it up by saying that 80% of the people that make salvation decisions at his crusades are already on a church roll.

If this is true then most Christians aren’t Christians at all. They’re almost Christians.

Do you attend church and Sunday school regularly?

Do you really, really listen to the pastor’s sermons ?

Are your associations with people of same kind ? meaning Christians.

Where are you in your relationship with Jesus Christ?

Or do you even have a relationship at all?

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all said that if you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be saved.

I believe this was taken out of context and not fully understood by many of the people in those days. I also believe there are many people today who don’t understand this.

UNTIL, …Paul explained it in Romans 10: 5-12

Want to get to Heaven?

… 1. Jesus must be God. 2. He is risen from then dead. 3. Unless you are changed and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven. Matt. 18:3

[1Sam 10:6,7 The Spirit of the Lord will come upon you in power(the anointing of the Holy Ghost), and you will prophesy with them(you will use the power given you); and you will be changed into a different person.(your life will change, your thinking will change, your speech will change.). Once these signs are fulfilled(once you are sealed by God), do whatever your hand finds to do, for the Lord is with you(be his messenger, serve him gladly, use the gifts and talents given you).]

When you commit to Jesus Christ, you will be called!

*Almost Christians are aquainted with the Gospel,

*Christians are messengers of the Gospel.

*Almost Christians are interested in the Gospel,

*Christians are involved in the Gospel.

*Almost Christians enjoy the Gospel,

*Christians are filled with Joy because of the Gospel.

*Almost Christians don’t fear Hell,

*Christians pray for almost Christians!

Jesus is not a buffet!

You can’t pick from Him the parts you like and stay away from what you don’t like.

Likewise, the Gospel is not a buffet. You must eat all of it.

Church is not a buffet. You can’t attend during the fun times and let others do all the work. Jesus comes with a price. The

gospel comes with a price and church and Sunday school comes with a price.

They all call for a decision…

Jesus said there is a broad road. He also said there is a narrow road.

Jesus said some people build their houses on sand. He also said some build their homes on Rock. Jesus said some people follow darkness and some people follow light.

Someday he will separate us, …goats on one side and His sheep on the other. (Notice I said HIS Sheep?)

(Story of The sheep mixed together and the shepherd calling His own sheep.)

Have you noticed…there is no “inbetween”???

There are those who are SAVED and there are those who are not.

Salvation is more than just saying yes. It’s more than just being baptized. It is more than coming to church. It is a lifetime commitment to the most wonderful friend of them all. Jesus, the name I love. He’s my Shepherd, He’s my Savior, He’s my God. That’s the name I love.

Hymn: 270 “That’s the Name I Love”

Hebrews 6: 7-12


R. Neal Gracey, Deacon, First Baptist Church of Saltillo,PA

April 7, 2002

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