Summary: We need to turn loneliness into times of being Alone with God!

Alone…with God

Exodus 3:1-15

Enoch was walking alone when God took him

Noah was all alone building the ark

Samuel was all alone when God spoke to him at night

Joseph was alone multiple times

Jacob was alone when he wrestled the messenger of God

Gideon was alone hiding from the enemy

Elijah was alone on Mount Carmel, and later by the brook

David was alone in the valley facing the Giant

Jeremiah was alone in the miry pit

Esther was alone approaching the king

Daniel was alone in the Lion’s Den

The three Hebrew children stood alone against the Kings Idol

Jonah was alone in Nineveh

Jesus was often alone praying

Paul found himself alone on and after the road to Damascus

Stephen was alone facing his executioners

John the Apostle was alone on the Isle of Patmos

• What great moment with God didn’t happen without a point of being alone??

I. When we are alone – distractions are gone.

a. We are to have an upward Relationship

b. We are to have outward Relationships

c. We are to have an inward Evaluation

d. When alone – God gets our full attention

II. When we are alone – we hear the Still Small Voice of God

III. When we are alone we think

a. Either meditate on the Word of God

b. Idle mind is the Devil’s Workshop

IV. When we are alone – we are more productive

V. When we are alone – we are more honest with ourselves and therefore God

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