Summary: This was one of the crucial times in the life of Jesus, it was when He was preparing for his own death after the Passover

Introduction: This was one of the crucial times in the life of Jesus, it was when He was preparing for his own death after the Passover but it is a pity that the disciples that were with him are not seeing the same vision with him, Jesus was seeing the greatest task ahead of Him, accomplishment of his earthly ministry, but the apostles are agitating on who will be next leader after Jesus had left. What is your mission in the church, are you seeing the same vision with your leaders and pastors? Are you not always on the contrary with your leaders and pastors? Check your life.


1. The washing of the disciples feet. John 13: 3 – 5: Despite Jesus has been their leader for more than three years, when he was about die, he showed and taught humility among his disciples, Jesus with all His divinity, personally pour water into a basin and begin to wash the feet of His disciples one after the other and wipe them with towel after washing it. The reverse is the case in the church of God today, members don’t harken to their pastors any more, likewise, leaders are not ready to see to the needs of their members but to extort them.

Learn how to operate a servant-leader ministry, gone are the days when people give themselves adequate respect in the church, pride has taken respect away from the church today; let us learn from the example of Christ.

2. Peter’s refusal. John 13: 6 – 7: When it got to Peter’s turn, he refused because he was thinking that why would Jesus be washing his feet for him, although, Peter did not know that there was a deeper meaning to what Jesus was doing.

Today, members will sit back at home while the Pastor will tidy the church and it’s environ, have you ever shown any kind gesture to pastor before? When last have you clean your pastor’s house or car? Let us learn how to respect our leaders, Peter observed what Jesus was doing as an insult or embarrassment on Jesus personality but today, some members still send their pastors on an errand, please be careful, whatever you do today, you will get it back in hundred folds.

3. Jesus response to Peter’s refusal. John 13: 8 – 9: Peter still doesn’t understand, he refused the second time, a carnal man cannot understand the thing of the spirit, do not interpret God’s word carnally, always allow the Holy Spirit to intervene. Jesus told Peter he would never be part of Him, if he did not wash his feet, it is not just a mere washing, immediately Peter realized that it is not a mere washing, he quickly told Jesus, you are not going to wash my feet alone but also my hand and my head. When you have a good understanding of God’s word, you will like to do more for God.

4. Are you saved? John 13: 10 – 11: Jesus was demonstrating the act of cleanliness and holiness of life, if Peter had not been sanctified, he would not be part of Jesus in heaven, the disciples were sanctified within and without. Have you been saved? Jesus made them know that they have all been cleansed – Jesus said, ye are clean, but not all. They were all washed with the same water, cleansed with the same towel, bathed by the same Jesus; still there was one among them who was not cleansed. We are all in the same auditorium, hearing the same word of God, from the same man of God but different impact, some are hearing the word unto repentance and salvation while some are hearing it unto condemnation and destruction. You have heard about salvation, are you saved? You have heard about sanctification, have you been sanctified? You have heard about holiness, are you living a holy life? Check your life today and repent from your evil ways.

You need a personal encounter with Jesus, Peter requested that Jesus should wash also his hands and his head but Jesus told him that somebody that has been bathed all over the body is cleansed than the person that is washed in the feet alone John 13:10. When you have a personal encounter with Jesus His word abideth in you forever, when your pastor is not there even to monitor or put you through you will live a holy life because Jesus has taken control.

5. Wash one another’s feet. John 13: 12 – 16: Jesus set a good example of humility by washing His disciples feet, although we have examined the spiritual implication of this, at the same time we must take into cognizance the physical implication. Jesus confirmed that truly, He is the master v13, if the master can do this for his followers, how much more you that you are just saved by grace, let us all destroy the element of pride in our lifes, we are to minister to one another in the church of God, do not because of position to think that you are superior than the other, you have only received grace and favour from God.

Conclusion: John 13:17: You have heard this thing today, the only way for to be happy is for you to do them.

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