Summary: This could easily spur a series but i believe this is a core teaching for the believer wanting to know more about their position in Christ and the Character of God

Altar Of God

Intro: I didn’t come here to preach a nice message to you, I am not here to boost my ego or try out my skills. You didn’t come just to hear smooth words, meet some nice American, and you certainly are not in the wrong place. We are here because God has heard your prayers and the cries of your heart and brought both you and I for such a time as this.

1st thing you have to know is: God is Good!

Many of you are bound by guilt and shame. You see you will never receive from God when you think He is angry with you.

The lie the enemy has and now is speaking is that God is angry with the sinner all the day long. Ps. 7:11 This is a True Scripture but the lie is that as believers in Christ and followers of Jesus, He does NOT see us as such but He sees you as His children and His workmanship.

Gal 4:7

I. Building an Altar Genesis 22:1-11

a. Vs. 1 God Tested Abraham saying “Abraham!” and he said “here I am” so I thought to myself why is this a test? Because God was testing Abraham to see if he knew who he was- who God told him he was. Abraham embraced God’s vision and plan for his life. Know Your God and who you are in HIM

b. Vs. 2 Take only son (Isaac= Joy/Laughter) your only joy in life and go to moriah (a place of bitterness and tears) and offer your joy as a burnt offering, meaning the whole offering is to be consumed, oh and while you are in the place of bitterness and tears I will show you a great obstacle/trial.

Persevere, Devil will challenge your identity through trial

c. Vs. 3 So Abraham having a clearly defined vision from God obeyed EARLY- Abe split wood for burnt offering- had his mind in subjection w/ obedience, was thinking in fear or pride, why me? Quick obedience yields a good attitude

d. Vs. 4 Lifting his eyes is an act of worship that helped him see further past his circumstances far beyond what “others” may think possible. Worship builds faith to see past situation

e. Vs. 5 You will sometimes have to leave other behind and fulfill God’s plan alone.

f. Vs. 6 Take another act of faith- deeper and more real

g. Vs. 7-8 Faith out of an abundant heart Vs.’s 5-7 he had an opportunity to back out.

h. Vs.9-11 Abraham got to where God sent him and completed his task

II. You need a sacrifice

a. Body, Money, Heart, Rom 12:1, Heb 4:16

i. Body- Gluttony, Sexual Immorality

ii. Money- Stewardship, Tithe, Worship

iii. Heart- Emotions, Soulish realm

b. Burnt Offering Lev. 6:12-13

i. Significant b/c the burnt offering is the only offering that the Whole offering is consumed.

ii. Once you start this process you must daily bring an offering to keep that fire burning

III. Priestly duties.

When the sacrifice is properly placed on the Altar, then the fire of God comes. The key then is to perpetually offer you life and every aspect thereof as a sacrifice so that you will maintain a continual fire.

Balance: Obedience is better than sacrifice. You don’t just give your tithe or read a chapter of the bible daily because that’s-what-I-need-to-do-to-be-right-with-God routine thing. Yes, sometimes you will deny your flesh and you may struggle but don’t live in that place. Obey God and the Holy Spirit will show you what areas He thinks your ready to work on. Amen.

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