Summary: An attempt to show the grace of God has existed from the very beginning.

Amazing Grace!

Genesis 3

INTRODUCTION: Begin with story of John Newton, author of AMAZING GRACE. Define Grace.

I. Model of sin

A. Rejection of the will of God

1. Sin gets us all. ILLUS: 2 men jumping across lava stream, one jumps farther, but both fall in.

B. Satan’s presence

1. Distortion of truth (deception)

2. Temptation

a. Good

b. Pleasing

c. Desirable

d. You won’t eat the fruit if you ain’t near the tree!

e. You won’t be tempted if you ain’t near the tempter!

C. Sin’s repercussions go far beyond just the sinner.

1. Punishment has lasted until today.

II. The Blame Game

A. They hid and denied it rather than seek pardon

1. Fig leaves are too small to do any good. Such is our own righteousness.

2. We must rely on the righteousness of Jesus. (Matthew Ch. 5)

B. The woman YOU put here.

C. The devil made me do it.

D. The devil has no chance to explain

III. God’s Reaction – GRACE!!

A. “Where are you?”

1. The Shepherd goes looking for the sheep

2. God can reach you in your most sinful state.

B. God’s pattern for punishment: Insert Jesus between Satan and us.

1. Jesus is instant salve for the wound – unasked for and unlooked for.

2. God gives Christ before he gives punishment.

C. Adam is not cursed as Satan, only the ground he walks on.

1. The very ground on which Satan crawls.

D. Satan bruises the heel of Jesus (God) whose head is in Heaven. His foot is on the ground where Satan must crawl. God crushes Satan’s head and the earth and creates a new world (Revelation)

CONCLUSION: It is by GRACE you have been saved.

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