Summary: America has been blessed by God in its creation and even today, but the future is looking dim for America.

America Past, Present, and Future

Psalms 33:12


As we celebrate our Independence today, we often think about fireworks, picnics, maybe going to the lake, or just spending some quality time with family. But today I want you to focus in on what God has done and is continuing to do for us to bring about this independence that we celebrate.

Today I want to have a little history/prophecy lesson on America. I want for us to understand that we must never forget what God has done in the past for America. Yet also remind you that we have to keep our eyes opened to see what God is doing for America in the present. Then we must realize what God will do to America in the future.


A. God Birthed America.

• We sing, “My County Tis of Thee”

1. In the first colonies at Jamestown, VA. The first community building built there was a church, which is the only building still standing.

2. The Puritans first act at Plymouth Rock, was to kneel and praise and dedicate the new colony.

3. Roger Williams, a Baptist Minister established Rhode Island.

4. Lord Baltimore held church service in establishing Maryland.

5. William Penn, a Quaker established Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

• When you read their writings you see no doubt that God birthed America.

6. Will Penn in writing government policies for Pennsylvania made sure “all treasurers, judges, and all elected officials professed faith in Christ.”

• The U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals agreed in 2003 with a Federal trial court that the Ten Commandments memorial placed in the rotunda of

The Alabama Judicial Building by state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore must be removed.

• Judge Moore authorized the memorial as a reminder that the biblical laws stand as the moral groundwork of American law.

• Our Founding Fathers consistently spoke of the need for utilizing the Bible and Judeo-Christian values in defining and preserving this nation:

• Twelve of the original 13 colonies incorporated the entire Ten Commandments into their civil and criminal codes.

• President John Adams stated, "The law given from Sinai was a civil and municipal code as well as a moral and religious code. These are laws essential to the existence of men in society and most of which have been enacted by every Nation which ever professed any code of laws. Vain indeed would be the search among the writings of secular history to find so broad, so complete and so solid a basis of morality as the Ten Commandments lay down."

• The American Bible Society was started by an act of Congress and John Adams, our second president, served as its first leader.

• Our laws are based on 10 commandments and Bible.

• Supreme Court bldg - built 1935 – has a carving on the front of the building of Moses and Ten Commandments.

• In the House of Representatives - across from the speaker of the house’ seat – is a sculpture of Moses.

• President George Washington said, "It is impossible to govern the world without God and the Bible. Of all dispositions and habits that lead to political prosperity, our religion and morality are indispensable supporters."

• In 1782, the U.S. Congress voted in favor of a resolution recommending and approving the Bible for use in the schools.

• Henry Laurens, fourth president of the Continental Congress, stated, "I had the honor of being one who framed the Constitution. In order effectually to accomplish these great constitutional ends, it is especially the duty of those who bear rule to promote and encourage respect for God and virtue."

• Patrick Henry, first governor of Virginia and a member of the Continental Congress, stated, "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

7. The U.S. Constitution’s ending words are: “in the year of our Lord.”

8. The Nation’s motto: “In God we trust”

9. Our Pledge “One nation under God”

• God birthed America but…

B. God has Blessed America

• The history of America, has tons of stories of God’s miraculous intervention.

• But most history books written today deliberately keep true facts out of textbooks.

At the beginning of the American Revoluntary War, British commander William Howe in 1776 was moving 30,000 Veteran British soldiers to take New York. Gen. George Washington only had 18,000 inexperienced troops. The British troops quickly outflanked Washington and he lost 1,000 men and 2 top Generals. Washington’s troops were completely discouraged, but without any reason the British halted their troops. If they had kept pressing on into New York they would have destroyed Washington and his troops. Yet Washington and his troops were still trapped on Long Island. The only route of escape was the treacherous East river. The weather very bad and crossing the river seemed impossible.

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