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Summary: It has been said that the eye is the closest to soul and is the agent used to judge right from wrong. So if the eye & heart are in conflict, how can the body function properly.

“American Idol”

Matthew 6:22-24

Theme; a picture of a Christian life in this world in the presence of God, actively submissive, and entirely dependent upon Him.

Simply put, a picture of children in relationship to their father as they travel on this pilgrimage called life!

* Chapter 6 broke down in two divisions;

1. Religious life Vs. 1-18- deals with culture & nurture of

soul, piety, our worship, whole religious aspect of life &

everything that deals with our relationship with God.

2. life in general Vs. 19-34- deals with temptations, general

concerns of life such as family, provisions, ‘cares of this world’ that we all face.

•Chapter 6 seems to pick up on theme of end of last chapter,

•5:20 righteousness must exceed…

•6:8 Father already knows what our needs are

•We have learned how to pray, using the Lords prayer as model

•We know how to finish well, lifting up from praying position (knees)

We have been forgiven- He’s wiped the slate clean

•“Physical hunger can bring spiritual satisfaction.”

•Where our treasure is, there we find our heart

•Now it is time to put all that we have learned into practice

So it is time we act as Christ

ON TV show “American Idol” the whole focus for the contestants is to not be voted off by the panel of judges. They have to focus on the main goal at hand, which is to win, at any cost.

Where your treasure is, there we find the heart

The sun, which is at the center of our universe, provides light. And with out this light, we would be in darkness.,

I. The Organ of Sight (eye) Vs.22

1. eye not the light, but the; (Light body eye)

A. medium for light to be transmitted

B. the window that admits light

C. the eye is most striking feature in human body

D. It has been said to be the closest to soul

E. Or as it reads in the New Living Translation…

"A pure eye lets sunshine into your soul."

2. eye not conscience, but the;

A. agent used to judge right from wrong

B. sense whereby we arrive @ knowledge of unseen

C. we “see God” but not with our eye

3. eyes are two, but; (single)

A. designed to focus on one thing

B. hurts to try to look @ more than 1 thing @ a time

C. gives clear sight

II. The Organ of Spiritual Sight (heart)

1.heart requires light

2.organ of sight susceptible to disease

A.macular degeneration- loss of vision

B.coronary- plaque build up

C.older we get, less efficient

III. The Symptoms Vs.22-23

1.A good heart: Like good eye;

A. focuses & sees

B. Focuses on things of God Vs. 20

2. A bad heart: Like a bad eye;

A. Blind and dark

B. Focuses on self Vs. 19

IV. The Choice Vs.24

1.if the eye & heart are in conflict, the body will not function

2.When our eyes are focused on material concerns they are blind to spiritual concerns.

3.If the eye of your soul is not functioning, then you are in the dark about everything. You are simply lost. You don’t know where you are or where you are going.

4.The person who treasures things in heaven sees everything in its true worth – sees everything from an eternal perspective.

The person who treasures what is on earth, by contrast, sees everything from a perspective that misperceives the relative importance of things.

5.I denied myself nothing my eyes desired;

I refused my heart no pleasure.

My heart took delight in all my work,

and this was the reward for all my labor.

(Ecclesiastes 2:10)

6.master- kurious-supreme authority, controller

7.mammon-mammanas-aramaic- wealth, earthly treasures


9.one master only can be in charge

10.unbalance life brings sickness

V. The Diagnosis Vs.19-24

1. its black or white, not grey

2. you either love only one, but not both

3. as 2 eyes operate as one unit to see;

4. our life has to reflect whom we serve

5. where your treasure is;

A. heart will be

B. time will be

C. wealth will be

D. love will be

VI. The Cure Vs.22

1. If your eye is single, the whole body will be full of light

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