Summary: “Christ is not divided,” the only hope available to division on churches is “UNITY” in Jesus Christ. Paul appeals for leaders to pursue “Unity”.

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A story from D.L. Moody one of the greatest man of faith was told one time in a shore line along a beach just before sunrise, two men got into a simple dispute about what part of heavens sun would first appear in, they become so excited over it that they feel to fighting, arguments and then beat each other over the head so badly that when the sun did come up neither of them could see it. So there are persons until this date who go on disputing above heavens until they dispute themselves out of it and more who dispute over hell until they dispute themselves into it.

One of the saddest truth and thing at present days is the division amongst God’s children & churches. We have noticed that when the power of God came upon the early church, it was when they were “All in one Accord”. So today, I don’t care what or if a church is divided, the only thing that we ought to do is to get together and get that difficulty out of the way. Let us learn from one of Paul’s letter and open up your Bibles to I Corinthians 1:10 -17 join me, and let’s read together. Before we all dig deeper to our message today, I would like you to listen to it.


AUTHOR – Paul the Apostle of Jesus Christ from his 1st recorded letter to the church in Corinth. It is Written in Ephesus at approximately between 50 and 57 A.D. while on his 2nd Missionary Journey. The Roman General Mummius destroys the Greek city but Julius Caesar restores it in about 45 B.C. defying the gods with his insolent wit he was sentenced to the eternal drudgery of pushing a huge stone up a hill. When he would reach the summit, the stone would roll back to the bottom and force resumption of the task, Camus, a 20th century philosopher found in the legend of the Corinthian King a picture of modern man’s condition and the purposeless of absurdity of life.

If Camus had only read the two biblical letters sent to the Corinthians by Paul, he would have gotten a very different picture, One with a message of purpose and one with the message of hope for the directed persons.

The attitude of these Corinthians, like their legendary King smacked of proud self – centeredness. But instead of dealing with a capricious Zeus these 1st century Corinthians interacted with Gracious and Loving God and his messenger, the Apostle Paul’s, “Correction” and “Unity” are Paul’s key words to offer with both love and firmness in his faith. Let us again look and see what was reported to Paul with regards to Strife’s and Division in the Church at Corinth amongst the Leaders.

I. THE CHURCH AUGMENTS UNITY–“As one with God” (V. 10)

“I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another so that there may be no divisions among you and that you may be perfectly united in mind and thought.”

A. The Reality of division in the Church

After Paul’s departure, severe evils and factions threaten the stability & very existence of the church. And this appeal for the Leaders to submit to God’s authority only through Jesus Christ who is able to cleanse us of our sins standing before God.

B. Paul’s Appeal for Unity

Appeal - A plea for harmony, his desire for “Christian Unity” and not the elimination of diversity.

It was the 1st problem Paul has openly addressed to his brothers, so is to our churches today. Urge them to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. That manages your everyday life. What is to be done joined together, restoration & healing?


A group of women making a quilt of various color and patterns blended together in a harmonious whole. Jesus prayed for his people, disciples & all believers (see John 17:6 – 26, Gal. 4:6).

Submission and real intimate relationship with God through the most authoritative name of the Lord Jesus Christ are the keys to unity. Christ as God has the power and authority to unite His Church. Rebellious leaders are realities of division & deception of the evil one. God’s goodness was granted when he gave us the authority & Availability to do God’s Work. (Eph. 5:15 -21).

Unity is not easy neither automatic:

Leaders tend to complain of adversaries,

Leaders tend to be authoritative – full of pride,

Leaders tend to be alone – position seekers,

But God delights in the Unity in mind and in judgment or thoughts.

Despite our denominational barriers, unity manifest like us here in CBC

(References: Hebrews 13:7 – 17; I Peter 4:6 -11)

II. THE CHURCH AUTHENTICATES UNITY – Christ Mission (Vs. 11 & 12)

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Robert Harmon

commented on Nov 14, 2010

I don''t want you to be offended by my position, but I have to respectfully disagree with your stance on Paul and baptism. Paul felt baptism was of equal importance to the plan of salvation as Believing, Repenting, and Confessing (See Acts 16:31-34). Your point on Arrogance and the Corinthian Church is spot on! They believed that they had to have specific gifts, and be baptized by specific people! Among those that Paul spoke of were Peter, Apollos, and himself...along side Christ? Satan loves to destroy the church through disunity and division. He does this by people siding up with favorite ideas and people (i.e. since some people don''t believe baptism important, they choose a church that caters to their need rather than examine what is written on the matter). This is why we stand divided today...We go on man''s principles rather than the Word, and that is what Paul is emphasizing. So when Paul says he was glad he didn''t baptize many, it wasn''t because he dismissed its importance, it was to say that he stood up against the the division that the people baptizing them was causing. I thank you for your study and examination of this important scripture. May God bless you and yours.

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