Summary: This sermons looks at Ananias attitudes and how he responded to God’s direction.

Ananias Attidue is an example to us in three different A’s… I mean ways.

He was… and we should be

1. Available to

Go – When God calls we should respond with “Here I am” v. 10

Give – We should use our gifts to edify the body of Christ v. 12

Grow – When we respond in obedience, growth is the result v. 17

2. Agreeable with God’s

Protection – God knew Ananias fear, but He told him to go anyway v. 15

Provision – God had already made the way v. 15

Plan – God has a divine plan for each of us v. 16

3. Amiable toward the

Saved – Disputes within the body of Christ are most harmful

Seeker – We should be sensitive to those seeking the Lord

Sinner – We should be ready and willing to reach out to even the most undesirable. v. 17

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