Summary: The Lord comes first, period.

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I Corinthians 10:1-11:1

S: Idolatry

C: God is to be our priority.

Th: Live the Difference


?: How? How do we do it?

KW: Insight

TS: We will find in our study of I Corinthians 10:1-11:1 three insights that will help us keep the Lord first in our lives.

The _____ insight is to…

I. BE SHARP (1-13)



PA: How is the change to be observed?

Version: ESV

RMBC 11 July 04 AM


How about you?

Are your priorities straight?

ILL Notebook: Priority

At the church that Brenda Rodriguez attended, there was a singles group for people over 35, so she decided to tempt fate and attend a lunch. As she entered the dining room, she noticed about 300 people - most of them, like her, female. Since she didn’t know anyone, she sat at an empty table near the front.

Soon six men walked up and joined her - all of them young and good-looking. She was stunned, and thought, “Well, maybe it’s my new dress.” They were friendly and introduced themselves as they sat down. Then the man to her right enlightened her: this was the first table to go through the buffet line.

For these young men, it is certain that they had their priorities straight.

It was food.


Well, in our study today, we will be considering what and who should be acting as priorities in our lives.

As you may remember, in this portion of the letter to the Corinthians, Paul has been answering a series of questions.

In this portion, Paul is answering questions the Corinthians had about food offered to idols.

Was it okay to eat such food?

Or should it be avoided?

You see, there were some that felt that the idols were nothing but pieces of wood, stone and marble.

They had no power.

So go ahead and eat.

There were others that felt that this was an abuse of the freedom we have in Christ.

It was going too far.

We should have nothing to do with anything that has to do with idols and idolatry.

Last week, we discovered that…

1. We are to be uncompromising when it comes to our purpose.

When it comes to the Christian life and communicating the good news about Jesus, we are to run all out.

We are not to put out some half-hearted effort.

Instead, we are to run to win, with this in mind…

2. Our purpose is to make committed followers of Jesus.

Paul wanted to win as many people to Jesus as he possibly could.

So what he wanted and how he wanted to live was secondary.

The only thing that really mattered was his neighbor’s eternal destiny.

He wanted every person to know the joy of following Jesus, of being one of His true disciples.

Paul does this because he is motivated by gratitude.

The Lord Jesus had graciously appeared to him and changed him from a hateful, spiteful man to a man that God could use.

So, Paul lives this principle…

3. We are disciple-makers because we love God (Deuteronomy 6:5).

The first and foremost command of Scripture comes from Deuteronomy…

You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.

You see, when we love God for who He is, it is then that everything falls into place for us.

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