Summary: This is a desperately need book for a generation that has confused lust with love.

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1. Charles Stanley, “Does God have anything to say to us about love; sex; and intimacy? For many people the words “romance” and “Bible” conjure up a long list of religious “Thou shall nots.” But, God never intended for us to view love, in a negative way. He created us in love, and for love, and for that reason, the Bible has a great deal to say about romantic love. In fact, it often uses pictures of human love to help us understand God’s love for us.”

2. I have avoided preaching through this book for years, but I have finally decided its time to take a stab at it.

3. Introduction to the Song of Solomon.

I. First, the Author of the book.

The song of songs, which is Solomon – Ryrie, “Verse 1 asserts, that Solomon wrote this song [among the 1,005 which he wrote, 1 Ki.4:32], although this verse may be translated, “The Song of Songs which is about or concerning Solomon. The content of the book, agree with all that we know about the abilities and wisdom of Solomon, and there is no compelling reason not to regard him as the author.”

1:1,5; 3:7,9,11; 8:11-12

He authored the Book of Proverbs, a book of Sayings; the book of Ecclesiastes, a book about Searching; and now the Song of Solomon, a book about Sharing.

Jewish tradition says that he wrote Proverbs in the prime of his life; Ecclesiastes toward the end of his life; and the Song of Solomon as a young man, dedicating it to his first wife, before getting entangled in polygamy and concubinage.

II. Next, the Appellation [title] of the book.

Song of songs – is a title used by many, reflecting the first words of the Hebrew text. Also called “The Song of Solomon” because Solomon is the author. It is also called Canticles from the Latin.

Song of songs – is a Hebrew idiom meaning the most exquisite song, the most elegant or beautiful song. The Jewish Midrash calls it “the most praiseworthy, most excellent, most highly treasured among the songs. Solomon wrote many songs, but this one was a smash hit!

III. Thirdly, the Approximate date. 965 BC

We cannot be absolutely sure, but sometime during his 40 year reign from 971-931 BC.

IV. Fourthly, the Aim of the book.

A. Historically – it is a romantic love story between King Solomon and a Shulamite woman. It describes their Courtship, Marriage, Consummation and Continuation after marriage.

McGee, “The elder daughter of a poor Shulamite family is sort of a Cinderella type, who is forced to keep a vineyard. Apparently this family lived in the hill country of Ephraim, where they were tenant farmers, share croppers.

She is an outdoor girl, a hard worker, who not only takes care of the vineyard but also her brother’s sheep (1:8). The place where she labors is close to a caravan route, where she can see caravans that passed by, going from Jerusalem to Damascus – she could see the beautiful ladies of the court; smell the frankincense and myrrh, as they passed by.

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