Summary: A look at how sin damages us in our relationships with God.


2 SAMUEL 11&12

INTRO: A scientist, unjustly accused and convicted of a major crime, found himself sentenced to

hard time in a prison out in the Arizona desert. His cellmate turned out to be another scientist.

Determined to escape, the first man tried to convince his colleague to make the attempt with him.

He refused. After careful planning the scientist made his escape.

Before long the heat of the desert, the lack of food and water, and complete disorientation

in the hostile wilderness almost drove him mad. He was soon forced to return to the prison. He

reported his terrible experience to the other scientist who surprised him by saying, "Yes, I know.

I tried it too and failed, too, for the same reasons."

The first scientist responded bitter, "For heaven’s sake, man, when you knew I was going

to make a break for it, why didn’t you tell me what it was like out there?"

His cellmate responded with a shrug, "Who publishes negative results?"

. There’s much truth to that little story. We don’t like to talk about some things. Especially about our failures and shortcomings.

. Something we don’t like to talk about in church is sin.

. We all sin, we just don’t want everybody else to know that we do.

. This morning I want to look at what I call an Anatomy of sin.

. We see this in the life of king David.

The story is quite long so I’m going to tell you the story and then we will go back and look at particular verse as they pertain to this anatomy of sin.

. Thousands of years ago, it was customary for Kings to go to war during the spring if they were going to start a war.

. King David sent his generals and soldiers out to war with the people of Ammon. But the King stayed at home.

. One evening, David couldn’t sleep so he went up to the roof of his house.

. As he looking around at his kingdom he saw a beautiful woman bathing.

. He asked some of his servants who this woman was and they told him that she was Bathsheba, the wife of one of his soldiers whose name was Uriah.

. David sent a message to Bathsheba to come to the palace.

. Once she was there, David seduced her and she became pregnant. When he found out she was pregnant, he sent word that her husband Uriah was to be sent home with a report from the front.

. When Uriah got back and gave his report, David told him to go home to his wife for the evening but he slept outside the door of the palace. When David learned of this, he asked him why he didn’t go home. Uriah told him that it wouldn’t be right to have the pleasures of home while all his comrades were still fighting. David decided to get him drunk so that he would go home and sleep with his wife. Uriah still didn’t go home so David sent him back to the front with instructions for him to be placed at the front of the fiercest battle and that the army was to retreat from him so that he would be killed.

. The Generals did this and Uriah was killed.

. When David was informed of this, he took Bathsheba and married her.


.God sent a prophet named Nathan to David and he told him a story of a man who had all that life could offer and a man who had very little.

. The rich man saw what the poor man had and he took it from him when he had in abundance all that he needed. This made David very angry and he pronounced that this rich man must die for what he had done to the other man.

. Nathan told David that the rich man was David himself and that the poor man was Uriah.

. David had committed murder and adultery in his experiences with Bathsheba and her husband Uriah.

. David recognized his sin and repented.

. God forgave David but told him that he would lose the sonm that had been born to him and Bathsheba.

. The first born of David and Bathsheba died.


. In 11:3 we see this consideration. So David sent and inquired about the woman. And someone said, “Is this not Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite?”

. Up until this time, David has done nothing wrong. He didn’t go up on the roof to be a peeping tom.

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