Summary: Opportunities can drop in your lap if you have your lap where opportunties drop. Jesus took every opportuntiy He could to fight the Satan’s offers in the wilderness. Let’s examine the fight together!


by Dr. E. Winson Butler

(free audio tape upon request)


Let’s begin with "Who Am I?"

I was born Sept 1, 1923 and I weighed 12 pounds at birth. I was nick named "Bambino Rocco. I was raised in Brockton, Mass. and lived across from the famous James Edgar Playground.

My favorite expression was, "Hey paisano..." During my career I was better known as "The Brockton Blockbuster." In 1952 I fought Jersey Joe Walcott for the Heavy Weight Championship of the World & WON!

Rocco Marchegiano or "Rocky Marciano!" (tragically Rocky was killed in a plane crash @ 46.

The greatest fight of all time though wasn’t fought in a Ring...But in a Wilderness.

Let’s examine Chp 4 of Matthew’s Gospel. It has three divisions: Jesus & The Devil (1-11) Jesus & The Desperate (12-17, 23-25) & Jesus & The Disciples (18-22)

It’s vs 1-11 that we need to examine today and it covers the event or fight between Jesus & the Devil. Let’s examine it together!


Round 1

The Tempation (4:1-3)

The Triumph (4:4)

Round 2

The Temptation (4:5-6)

The Triumph (4:7)

Round 3

The Temptation (4:8-9)

The Triumph (10-11)

Conclusion: When you find yourself in your own fight, remember...The Battle Has Already Been Won!

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