Summary: When faced with the difficulties of life, how do you respond. When Jesus was faced with death itself we find Him providing a message of hope and help in our most difficult hour!

"And He That Was Dead Sat Up..."

St. Luke 7:14-15a


I. At a recent funeral of a very wealthy man, a news reporter reporting on the event ask one of the attenders, "How much did he actually leave behind?" His answer, "All of it!"

That’s a truth we all cannot igonore. That is, when we die we will leave it all behind. What we’ve done, what we’ve made and what we think we were.

A. Attending funerals isn’t the favorite thing for any of us to do. I’d rather be someone else unless I know where my friend or loved one has gone as far as eternity is concerned. It makes the exceptance of death easier.

As Jesus enters into Capernaum He is confronted with a disturbing scene, a funeral, a mother and the body of her only son being laid to rest.

1. When Jesus observed her the Bible says, "He had compassion..." Here is Jesus at His best when we are at our worst!

When we examine the moments of that day, we observe several wonderful truths about our Lord as He was confronted with death.

Main Division

I. In The Face Of Death He Was Compassionate (7:11-12)

It ought not surprize you that hear & we see Jesus at His best while this family is at their worst. What we see next is typical of the character of our Lord, He is compassionate. A quality and character that we will experience in our hour of need.

II. In The Face Of Death He Was Commanding (7:13-14)

His first words are tothe mother who was distressed. Then He speaks to the son who was dead. Jesus is not so far removed from any situation of our lives that He’s too busy or unconcerned about our needs.

III. In The Face Of Death He Was Conquering (7:15-18)

Note the undeniable proof! He that WAS (past tense) dead now (presently)SITS up! How can some dispute that. Also note the indisputable purpose, "Fear came on them all..." How wonderful is this!

Conclusion: The greatest miracle is the one Christ wants to perform in your life today!

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