Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 16th sermon in the series "From The Cradle To The Cross". This is also an Easter Sermon.

Series: “From The Cradle To The Cross” [#16]


Ephesians 4:1-13


Ephesians 4:1-13

1. Typical Easter sermon- Jesus died on Friday and arose from the dead on Sunday.

2. What happened during those three days?

3. And now, the rest of the story.

The Wages

1. The wages of sin is…? (Eternal death).

2. What happens the moment a person dies? (Soul leaves body).

3. Jesus died as the greatest sinner ever because He died bearing the sins of the world. Therefore, He went to hell.

The Grave

1. Before Christ died, all people went to Hades when they died. Hades or Sheol in Hebrew simply means the “abode of the dead” or the grave. 2 sides of Hades (Luke 16:26).

2. When Jesus died, His soul went to the unrighteous side of Hades and while He was there He preached to those evil spirits.

1 Peter 3:18-22

3. As our text tells us, Jesus took all of those in Paradise with Him into Heaven. Hades today is ½ empty.

The Outcome

1. On the 3rd day, Jesus arose from the grave.

2. Jesus was seen several times for 40 days.

3. Jesus ascended into Heaven where He is at the right hand of the throne of God the Father.

The End

1. The rapture.

2. The Bema Seat Judgment of Christians.

Revelation 20:11-15

3. The Great White Throne Judgment of “lost” people.


1. When you die will your name be found written in the Lamb’s Book of Life?

2. Christians, what will be left after your life has been through the Refiner’s Fire?

3. Easter is not just about Jesus’ dieing and being raised from the dead. Easter is about Jesus defeating sin, eternal death, and Satan so that we could live with Him in Heaven for all eternity.

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