Summary: Every Christian needs to examine the importance of perserverance. As Winston Churchill said to a graduating class of young cadets, "Never give up..." There’s a high cost to giving up and giving in!

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"And the Land Rested From War..."

Dr. E. Winson Butler

Joshua 11:23 kjv

(pg 199 OT white pew Bible)


I. illus. A few nights ago, President George Bush addressed our country. In his own words he said, "We must stay the course..." i.e. now is not the time to question, leave or abandoned our work in Iraq.

To leave now would be an insult to the lives given, an admission of wrong and we would be abandoning those of the country of Iraq who welcome the change from the tryanny of a mad man!

A. The cost of failing to keep the course, pulling out too soon, has been seen in history too often. Even In Joshua’s day. It cost the children of Israel their lives.

Moses due to disobedience was denied the opportunity to lead the children of Israel into the land that was promised. God gave the task to Joshua. In every way Joshua followed God’s will to the letter, almost.

1. God commissioned Joshua and His plan was two-fold, He gave him a promise and a power to complete the task. However, something went wrong. Joshua did.In the after-math three cities felt the blow of Joshua’s relunctance to stay the course!

Main Division

I. Gaza, A Place Of Defeat (Judges 16:1-2)

II. Gath, A Place Of Defiance (I Sam 17:20-24)

III. Ashod, A Place Of Defilement (I Sam 5:1-7)

Conclusion: Stay the course in your walk with the Lord, don’t give up nor give in & you won’t go down!

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