Summary: The length of a conversation don’t tell nothin’ about the size of the intellect. Just because someone says so doesn’t make it so. That’s why when it comes to Angels let examine the facts together!


Not everyone believes in Angels. In Jesus’ day the Sadducees denied their existence, that’s why they were sad-u-see (Acts 23:8). Not only do I believe in them but like you have had personal encounters with them.

Of course, I may not see them visibly, however, they are there hard at work in all our lives.

Let’s examine the scriptures together concerning their existence.

Main Division

I. They Are The Work Of The Immortal Creator (Neh 9:6)

II. The Record Of Their Innumerable Ranks (Lk 2:13)

III. Their Heavenly Location (Matt 18:10)

IV. They Are Exposed To Heavenly Joy (Lk 15:10)

V. How We Are Effected By Their Presence (Lk 1:11-13)

Conclusion: Angels are watching over us!

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