Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon looks at the Disciple Andrew. This sermon illustrates three goups of people that we should bring to Jesus.

I. Introduction

A. Who was Andrew?

1. The New Testament shows little interest in Andrew.

2. His name only occurs twelve times, and four of these times are in the list of the apostles.

3. In the New Testament, it seems that Andrew in simply living in Peter’s shadow.

4. His name originates from the Greek word for courage, andreia.

B. What can we learn from a man who so little is known?

1. We will look at three instances in the Bible where Andrew made a difference in people’s lives.

2. I believe that Andrew was a godly man who had the courage to tell others about Christ.

C. Like Andrew we have a message that others need to hear.

D. Who should we share that message with? The text tells us.

II. John 1:35-42 – Family

A. The first thing that Andrew did after he met Jesus was tell his brother.

B. Like Andrew, we have met Christ and we need to let our other family members know.

C. It is hard to witness to family members.

III. John 6:1-14 – Other age groups

A. Disregarded the age difference and brought even a boy to Jesus.

B. We need to be willing to bring others to Jesus

IV. John12:20-22 – Other Races

a. Andrew was willing to bring the Greeks to Jesus even when the Greeks were not respected by Jews.

b. We cannot limit the Gospel of God to our particular race. It is for all people.

V. Conclusion

a. We must bring our Family to Jesus

b. We must bring different age groups to Jesus

c. We must bring other races to Jesus

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