Summary: Part 4 of the series Supernatural


Supernatural Part 4

If you have your Bibles with you,

turn to Hebrews, chapter 13.

Today is the fourth week of our study called “Supernatural”.

If you are just joining us,

let me kind of review where we’ve been.

In the first week of our study,

we recognized the fact that

though we live in a very real, physical world,

there is an equally real and incredibly important spiritual world,

where there is a spiritual battle

going on all the time.

We learned that we don’t battle

against other people,

or against flesh and blood,

but against the powers and the principalities

of the spiritual world.

The second week, we looked at the reality of the Holy Spirit,

who He is and what His role is

in the life of those who are

followers of Jesus Christ.

Last week we looked at the reality of demonic forces,

how they do the work of our spiritual enemy,

who’s mission is to steal, kill, and destroy.

Today, we want to look at

God’s spiritual beings, known as angels,

because many people today don’t understand

who angels are, what they do,

and how they affect our lives, today.

A,woman was walking down the street one day, and she heard a voice yell, “Stop! if you take one more step you will be kiIIed!

The woman stopped, and seconds later a brick fell and landed in her path.

A minute or two after that, she was getting ready to cross the street when the same voice shouted

“Halt! Don’t cross the street now!

That moment an out-of-control beer truck careened around the corner and didn’t even slow down as it ran the red light.

By this time the woman was, shaking,

and she asked out loud, “Who are you?”

The voice replied “I’m your guardian angel..”

The woman said, my guardian angel! Well in that case, you’ve got some explaining to do.

The angel said, Okay, what do you want to know.

The woman said.

Well, first of all, “Where were you on my wedding day?”

Many of us get our, our beliefs about angels

from television shows or movies.

For example, how many of you used to watch the show,

“Touched By An Angel”?

Because of that, we all know that angels are actually

women with British accents.

Anybody ever watch “Angels In The Outfield”?

We all hope that Johnny Gomes, has some of those helping him out this year.

And how about the movie, Michael? Anybody see that?

Many people think that’s the most theologically correct

movie about angels.

Because of course we have John Travolta,

playing the angel “Michael”

… who drinks beer

chain smokes,

and picks up women.

Okay, I was joking about it being Biblically accurate.

Its obviously not.

Then we have everyone’s favorite Christmas movie,

shown forty bazillion times each year,

“It’s A Wonderful Life”.

Anyone love “It’s A Wonderful Life”?

Some of you hate it,

but that’s because you need Jesus,

Whats the angels name in that movie? Clarence,

And what happens every time a bell rings?

An angel gets its wings,

See, you are all experts on angels.

Maybe you’ve gotten a greeting card

with a little naked, bald-headed baby angel

playing a harp on a cloud.

So, some people think that angels are actually naked babies with no hair,

playing a harp on a cloud,

I want to lay that one to rest,

that is not what angels are like,

thank goodness.

Then there’s the common belief, that

if one of your relatives dies,

then they go to Heaven and become an angel,

and maybe they’re even your guardian angel.

Now, I know that’s a common belief,

because I’ve talked to our children’s pastor Carol, about this,

and she is continually surprised

at how many of your kids believe that.

You know, grandma passes away,

and you tell your kids,

“Well, grandma’s an angel in heaven now,

and she’s watching over you.”

Now, lets stop for a second,

have you really thought that one through?

I don’t know about you,

but there’s times in my life

when I don’t want grandma watching over me.

It’s just, there some natural parts of life,

when it just wouldn’t be right for Grandma to watch.

Sorry, grandma, I’ll see you in heaven,

but you can’t watch me now.

Thankfully, that’s just not true.

Grandma does not become an angel,

and she’s not your guardian angel, either,

so don’t tell your kids that anymore,

tell them Grandma is waiting for you in heaven,

you’ll see her there,

but she’s not an angel.

What we need to understand is,

according to scripture,

angels are God’s servants.

They are supernatural beings

created by God

and for God’s glory.

They do the work of God,

Now, what’s interesting is,

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