Summary: The Hebrews 2000 years ago who became Believers of Jesus Christ were warned about their impression of angels!

Let us continue our worship by learning from what God was trying to say to Hebrews about 2000 years ago who became Believers of Jesus Christ but were tempted to go back to Judaism. The Letter to the Hebrews are instructions for Christian Believers who used to be Jews; but the Letter is applicable for all Christians since every Christian has to move away from their old life of religion.

God’s desire is not only for people to be saved from their sins but to be more and more like Jesus Christ the Son of God! God’s desire should be our desire everyday! Open your Bibles to the Letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament…..

We noted last week that a main point in the Letter to the Hebrews is the emphasis of the sufficiency and supremacy of Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

The focus of the first chapter of the Letter to the Hebrews is the reality of supernatural angels and the supremacy of Jesus Christ over angels! Let us read from v3 of Hebrews 1. Hebrews 1:3-14….

As we had noted last week,

v3-4: Jesus Christ is the Son of God, radiance of God’s Glory, the exact representation of God, sustains all things, Purifier of sins, Majestic in Heaven, Superior to all angels!

The Hebrew Christians 2000 years ago believed in the power and presence of angels and God was telling them that the One they believe in now is far superior than any angel! Jesus Christ is the only one to be lifted up, adored, and worshiped! Nothing or no one else should impress us over Jesus Christ!

For the rest of Hebrews Chapter 1, God then tells the Hebrew Christians of 2000 years ago and to us today more about Jesus Christ and angels citing truths from the Old Testament; which the Hebrews 2000 years ago knew so well!

v5: Psalm 2 was cited…. Let us go there briefly…. Nations and kings were warned and now the Hebrew Believers were warned about not fully worshiping Jesus Christ!

v6: from Deutoronomy 32 and Psalm 97 - all God’s creatures in heaven worship Jesus Christ!

v7: from Psalm 104:4 – Jesus Christ made the angels as spirits but also flames of fire to serve Him!

v8-9: from Psalm 45 - Jesus Christ will rule over everything forever and ever with justice, righteousness, and joy!

v10-12: from Psalm 102 – Jesus Christ created the universe which will perish someday but He will remain forever!

v13: from Psalm 110 which states “The Lord said to my Lord…” – basically what God said to King David about his God, who is The Messiah (Jesus Christ)! The bottom line is….

Only Jesus Christ (no other heavenly creature) is on the same level as God!

v14: Angels are from heaven sent to minister to Believers of Christ!

minister = leitourgikos = sacred service that performs what is acceptable to the all-holy God.

i.e. angels will only do what God tells them to do!

What should we note today from this passage?

First of all, v5 actually reminds us again of what we learned last week and the first law of God to His people! What is the first Commandment for the 10 Commandments??

God states the 1st Commandment to His people “You shall have no other Gods before Me!”

Nations and Kings were warned in Psalm 2 about worshiping other gods. Here in Hebrews 1, the Hebrew Christians were warned about worshiping angels rather than Jesus Christ! How about us today? We too should be warned who is priority in our worship!

1. The Lordship of Jesus Christ must always be the priority in our lives, nothing or no one else should be ahead of the Lord! I know I need to work on this more and more everyday. How about you? Recommit along with me to affirm everyday that Jesus Christ takes priority in everything I do!

2. Eventually, everything in the universe will perish except for the Lord Jesus Christ and those who belong to Him! Do I really know that I belong to Jesus Christ?

3. Angels are created by God exists in heaven but also present on earth:

- powerful beings; from a spirit to a flame of fire!

- does only what Jesus commands

- are not to be worshiped!

- they constantly minister to us Christians!

Angels are here right now amongst us!

A couple of things to ponder:

Am I sinning by worshiping angels or anything else above Jesus Christ?

Do I remind myself often that angels are constantly with me to help me grow spiritually?

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