Summary: Analysis of Psalm 23

Title: “You Anoint My Head With Oil”

Psalms 23: 5

“You prepare a Table before me in the presence of my Enemies; You anoint my Head with Oil; My Cup runs over.”

Last Sunday Morning we talked about God’s Table of Grace. We said that God’s Table Provides many things;

1. God’s Table Provides Nourishment.

2. God’s Table Provides opportunity for Growth.

3. God’s Table Provides a Place of Fellowship.

4. God’s Table Provides a Sense of Security.


5. Gods’ Table Provides an Abundance.

6. God’s Table Provides a Place of Belonging.

7. God’s Table Provides a Place of Acceptance.

I thank God that we are all invited to set at God’s Table. You don’t set there because you are Perfect. You set there;

-Because of His Grace.

-Because of His Acceptance.

-We don’t set there because we deserve a spot.

-We set there because we Accepted the Invitation.

But what was David saying when he said, “You anoint my Head with Oil; My Cup Runs Over.”


Summer time for Sheep or any Animal can be a very rough time, it is known as “Fly Time.” If you have every raised Animals you know exactly what I’m talking about. This morning, I want us to Look at;

I. The Enemy’s That Sheep Face.

As soon as I said that Sheep face various Enemies, many several wild animals came to your Mind like;




-David had to kill some wild Animals......

p. 3

But Sheep face another Enemy that we don’t think too much about because these Enemies are so small. But these creatures can make a Sheep’s Life very Miserable.

Let me name just a few of those Enemies for you;

-They face the Warble Flies.

-They face Deer Flies.

-They face Mosquitoes & Gnats.

-They face Nasal Flies.

Sheep are Especially Troubled by the “Nose Fly” or the “Nasal Fly”. These Little Flies buzz around the Sheep’s Head Attempting to Lay their Eggs on the Damp Mucous Membrane of the Sheep’s Nose.

If they are Successful, the Eggs will Hatch in a Few Days & it forms a Small, Slender, Worm-Like Larvae. They work their way up the Sheep’s Nasal Passage & into the Sheep’s Head.

It causes Sever Irritation to the Sheep. For Relief from the pain the Sheep will;

-Beat their Heads against a Tree.

-They’ll Rub their Heads on a Rock.

-It causes great pain to the Animals.

-It has been known to kill some Sheep.

But when the Shepherd begins to see Signs of these Tiny Enemies, he will begin to apply an Antidote to the Sheep’s Head.


This Antidote is made up of several ingredients. Many times it is Linseed Oil, Suffer & Tar & the Shepherd Smears it all over the Sheep’s Head & Nose.

Once the Oil has been Applied to the Sheep’s Head, there is an Immediate change in the Animal’s Behavior;

-The Aggravation is Gone.

-The Irritability is Gone.

-And the Animal can Lie Down & Rest.

When I read this, I immediately began to think, “Lord, I’m not bothered by the “Nasal Flies”, but there are other irritation that buzz around my Head & they try to Rob me of my Peace.

Proverbs 23: 7

“For as he thinks in his Heart, so is he. Eat & Drink! he says to you, but his heart is not with you.”

Satan is doing everything within his power to gain control over your Mind;

-He played with Eve’s Mind.

-He played with David’s Mind.

-He even played with the Mind of Christ.

When the Devil tempted Jesus for 40 days in the Wilderness, he tempted Jesus in 3 Major ways. And this is the same way that the Devil temps people today. He Tempted Jesus with;

p. 7

-The Lust of the Eyes.

-The Lust of the Flesh.

-The Pride of Life.

-But these Temptations took place in His Mind.

-This is where All Temptation Starts!

This is why we as Christians need to Learn to Put On the Whole Armor of God. This is why we need to Learn to take “Every Thought” captive to the Obedience of Christ.

The Enemy doesn’t bother us with Flies, but he uses other things to Buzz around our Heads. He uses things Like;

-Impure Sexual Thoughts.

-We begin to Fantasize with Impure Thoughts.

p. 8

-He tries to Insert thoughts of Bitterness.

-He tries to put in thoughts of Anger.

-He tries to put in thoughts of Depression.

-He tries to sow Seeds of Doubt.

-He tries to put in thoughts of Fear.

-He tries to Insert thoughts of Guilt.

-He tries to Insert thoughts of Low Self Esteem.

-He tries to put in thoughts of Jealousy.

-You say, “What can I do Pastor”?

I am being bothered by some of these things on a Regular Basis. Dr. Strong said, “You can’t keep a Bird from Flying over your Head, but you can keep him from building a Nest in your Hair.”

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