Summary: There’s a lot more to ridin’ a horse than just sittin’ in the saddle and lettin’ your feet hang down. If truth be known there’s more to what happens after the trumpet sounds than many are willing to admit, let’s examine it together!

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In our last message entitled, "That they all might be damned..." from II Thessalonians 2:1-12 we began this series concerning: After The Trumpet Sounds; we examined the facts that surround the Biblical truths concerning Christ’s Second Coming.

We continue with the second fact the should concern us all as we construct the evidences that the Second Coming is closer than one can imagine.

Our first fact dealt with, The Missing Saints, now lets examine Fact 2.

Main Division

I. Fact 2: The Man Of Sin.

a. he will be intellectual (Da 8:23)

b. he will be oratorical (Da 11:36)

c. he will be political (Re 17:11-12)

d. he will be industrial (Da 11:43)

e. he will be powerful (Re 13:2)

f. he will be ecumenical (II Thess 2:4)

g. He will be homosexual (Da 11:37)

Conclusion: The facts are there, Jesus is coming soon!

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