Summary: In an age where everything is geared towards "no-lines, no-waiting" and attacks from the enemy of our souls on every side. How do we gain our strength?

I. The Greatness of God (vv. 25-26)

God reminds us of His incomparableness. There is none like Him in all the universe. In Chapters 41-44 God speaks to the idiotic practice of idolatry. How that people make images out of gold or wood and attribute deity to them. They worship things that do not have the ability to do anything for them. How often do we put our trust in things that cannot save us? Luck, money, family, work, etc., all these things do not have the ability to save us from the fires of hell and all these things are given to us by God Himself. Why should we trust in them?

II. The Caring of God (vv. 27-30)

God is answering a charge brought against Him. Israel is struggling steeped in idolatry and coming towards the time of exile. God reminds them that He is the helper of the weak and defenseless. God helps those who are willing to trust in Him rather than trust in themselves or other gods. He calls Israel by the name of Jacob and Israel. Possibly pointing to the fact that many in the nation have turned their backs upon the covenant of their forefathers and yet they are complaining like the Israelites in the desert. Ultimately God wants them to know that He has not turned His back upon them even in the most difficult of circumstances He knows where they are.

III. The Empowering of God (v. 31) (Psalm 25:21; 130:5-6)

The key to this verse is the word “wait”, (KJV) “hope” (NIV). It comes from the Hebrew word “qavah” (kaw-vah). It means: literally, to bind together, and figuratively, to wait with expectation or great anticipation, to trust, to put your hope in. This word smacks of the New Testament idea of faith: a belief we hold so strongly to that we are willing to put our hope and trust in it. Isaiah says that those who wait – eagerly wait, trust, hope in - upon the Lord will renew their strength. Not just a passive waiting that says I’ll go watch TV till it happens or He comes kind of waiting, but an active, anticipatory waiting, that engrosses the entire person kind of waiting as in Psalm 130:5-6 (my soul waits!)

They shall “mount up” with wings as eagles again the KJV gives the best interpretation the NIV says “soars”. The mounting up corresponds to the catching of thermals that lifts the eagle easily – with little effort - up to greater heights. God has given us the secret to invincibility in this verse. If we wait, trust, hope in Him we will rise up above every trouble. In essence looking to God is the way we are strengthened and empowered.

We may try many things but our greatest strength comes when we lay aside the ways of the world and look to Him. Psalm 25:21 says may integrity and uprightness protect me because my hope is in You. How do we put our hope in God? We do it by keeping His teachings.

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