Summary: The good news is that everyone who calls upon the Lord will be saved as well as not disappointed.

Anyone & Everyone


INTRO: We have all been a part of misunderstandings. Either we didn’t understand a situation or someone misunderstood us. I remember a few weeks ago my wife and I had a “misunderstanding” about both of our driving habits. My wife seems to enjoy driving very close to the car in front of us. We were driving through San Antonio (she was driving and I was in the passenger seat) and the whole time I was pushing the invisible brake. I was sweating bullets! She was getting so very close to the car in front of us. So, when I finally brought that up for a “discussion” she proceeded to tell me what she “misunderstood” about my driving habits. For instance she tells me that I will turn on the blinker and let it blink for 3 minutes before I will ever change lanes. And when I do I sort of straddle the line for awhile. So we had this heated “discussion” the rest of the way home. I was seeking to try and help her understand why I drive like I do and she was doing the same.

Transition: Many people misunderstand the message of Christ to the world. Jesus came proclaiming good news to the world. He came proclaiming a life for all who would simply believe and live their lives for him.

I would like to read Romans 10:8-13. Let me ask you a questions: “Who is able to experience this life or as Jesus calls is, “being saved?” Anyone and Everyone!

Everyone. That means whether you are white, black, brown, etc. you can experience what Paul is talking about there. But people misunderstand this. Whether it’s because they were taught wrong or heard wrong or just haven’t read the Bible people have misunderstood the meaning and message of the Bible. For instance there are those who think “I don’t want any part of God because all that is for people who have it together.” Listen, if we had it all together there would be no need for God. So, because we don’t have it together we need God. There are those who say well, “I can’t come to Christ or God because I have done a lot of bad things in my life and how could God possibly want me?” Let’s be honest though. God has every right not to want us. Not to care about us. To obliviate us into a zillion pieces of nothing. But God has chosen to reach out his hand to us and say, there is a way out of your mess. There is a way out of your heartache and that is through me. And not only does God clean us up but man he wants to use us!

Another misunderstanding people have is “well, I have my own belief system and that will be enough.” Paul wrote to show his own Jewish people that in order to attain life and God’s pleasure is to look to Jesus—the fulfillment of the Old Testament. His Jewish brothers and sisters needed to understand that. His heart’s desire was to see that his people come to faith in Jesus-- the only way to salvation. “For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile—the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him.” Vs 12

If our belief system (or faith) does not have Christ at the center it is a failed belief system—and a failed faith.

Then, there are those who say, “Isn’t church membership the same as being saved?” Not at all. Church membership doesn’t necessarily “prove” you have been changed by Christ. What is the evidence that you have been changed by Christ? Your love for him (satisfaction) and willingness to obey his commands. Church membership is important and we take it seriously here at NCC but what is more important than that is what you have done with this promise.

“for Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Vs. 13

So, everyone (those who don’t have it all together, those who have done terrible things, those who have a wrong belief system, those who have church memberships) who calls on the name of the Lord WILL BE SAVED. But also look at the promise in verse 11. “Anyone who trusts in him will not be put to shame (will not be disappointed.) We will get to that promise in a moment.

Now there are even misunderstandings about the word “saved”. Does it mean, I am saved from my homework, saved from harm, saved from the boogie man? The main thrust or meaning of this word “saved” in a biblical sense is to be delivered, saved from harm, saved from your sin, rescued. The promise is that when you call upon the name of the Lord he will save you (rescue, deliver) from your sin.

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