Summary: An All Points Bulletin (APB) an alert used to warn when there is a threat or situation so bad that all areas are to be on the lookout.

A.P.B. Hebrews 4:12-15

An All Points Bulletin (APB) an alert used to warn when there is a threat or situation so bad that all areas are to be on the lookout. Instead of staking out one location, the eyes and ears of the entire region come alive in order to stop the threat. I believe that we are in that state right now. People saved and unsaved need to know what is said in this text. So I’m issuing this APB today to warn and inform you that:

Jesus knows our intentions v12-13

This verse says that the Word of God is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of our hearts. The APB is that Jesus knows what you are thinking and what you are planning. Good or bad He knows. That’s good news to the needy who is looking to God for help but bad news to the greedy who is looking to do wrong to get ahead. He knows all; he sees all and understands all. We want God to see us when we are hurting and when we are going through difficult times. We want Him to see and come to our aid. But when it comes to our sin and wrongdoing we would rather that God looked the other way. The Word of God has the diagnostic ability to reveal inconsistency even in motivation. We may appear to be sincere to others but God knows if there is an ulterior motive.

Jesus knows our Infirmities v15

Jesus is personally aware of the weaknesses in being human. Infirmities are weakness of the flesh that may cause us to fail. And that’s exactly when the enemy comes, when we are weak. Satan tried to cause Jesus to fail when He was weak after fasting and tempted him in many ways (Matthew 4). In fact this verse uses one of my favorite words in scripture….All. Jesus was tempted in all ways we are but without sin. So the APB is that Jesus knows about your weakness. That’s good news if you are praying about your trials and suffering in the flesh. You are praying to Jesus who is aware because He was here in the flesh and suffered like us but didn’t sin. Therefore you can too!

Jesus is our Intercessor v16

The APB is that you can pray to God in the name of Jesus who sees your situation, knows your heart in the situation and has been through similar situations. The text says “come boldly”. Not with shame, fear and doubt. Don’t wonder if He understands…Be sure that he knows and is our intercessor . Where sin abounds, grace abounds the more. Even the worst sinner can approach Him and be assured that He will forgive your confessed transgression. Any believer who is in a trail should learn to take everything to God In prayer. The verse reminds us that there is help for all when we go to Jesus. The believer finds grace at the throne of God as he takes all infirmities to Him and the sinner will finds mercy when he comes to God confessing his faults. Take everything to God in prayer.

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