Summary: It is clear to us all that John the Baptist came ahead of Jesus Christ to prepare the way and to make things right. Whatever position you hold in the Church, don’t be too shy, don’t be a rebellious type

Aim: Jesus has been around for almost thirty years but nobody really heard about him except when he was twelve years old when he was seen in the temple and nothing was heard about him until this time he appeared at the river where John was baptizing. People are in a hurry to appear so soon today, if you happen so soon without any preparation, you will disappear so soon.


1. Behold the Lamb of God 1:29: With the fact that Jesus happens to be God in man, it took him thirty year to prepare for his earthly ministry, the first thirty years of his life, he was preparing for the special assignment he was given on earth, he has just three years for his ministerial assignment, yet prepared for such a lengthy period, no wonder the whole world has never recovered from the experience of his coming till now and will never recover. Men that did wonders for God prepared so wonderfully well and it helped them so much in the work of the ministry, so also is the case of Moses, Moses was so vast in the knowledge of the Egyptian learning amongst the noble people in the Egyptian palace for forty years after which he proceeded to Midian for another preparation of forty years making eighty years for the ministry of just forty years, he prepared for eighty years for the of forty years.

Who is your mentor? What preparations have you? Many just want to assume the position of authority without any concrete plans or training. At the advent of Christ, people were called to see him, not like today when people want to showcase their talent to the world not minding whether the grace of God is there or not.

Jesus came for a specific purpose, to take away the sin of the world, have you also find out your own purpose?

2. A man which is preferred? John 1: 30 – 31: John introduced Christ as one who is preferred than him, he was actually saying the truth; Jesus Christ is not just a man but “the anointed one” as his name implies. John clearly understood what his assignment was, not doing what he was not sent. Please it’s most important that you discover your purpose in ministry. There are different ministerial gifts, though they are all for the edifying of the body of Christ.

3. Spirit descending from heaven? John 1: 32: John confirmed the Holy Spirit descending on Jesus despite the fact he himself is God. You cannot succeed on earth or in the work of the ministry without the power of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus after as John bear the record, the disciples received the power of the Holy Ghost in the upper room before they could succeed in ministry and many more. Fast and pray today for the power of the Holy Ghost for a successful move in life and in the work of the ministry, if Jesus Christ and the disciples will need the power and manifestation of the Holy Ghost, who are we to say we don’t need the power of the Holy Ghost.

Conclusion: It took Jesus thirty years to prepare for his ministerial assignment; the disciples were under the tutorship of Jesus for a full three and half years – day and night for the preparation of their own ministerial assignment too. What preparation have you undergone for that your assignment, what personal training have you engaged in, training and development is so important if you really want to be an achiever.

Food for thought: Have I actually discovered myself and who I am and the purpose for which I am here on earth and my lie given assignment. If yes, have I been working in that line, if no, what am is suppose to do to be what God want me to be.

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