Summary: what does God look at first when he looks at us?

We have been learning form a man named Saul, chosen by God to be king of Israel, but because of his arrogance and disobedience to God, Saul was rejected by God. Today, in preparation for our worship with water baptisms, we will note the difference on how man sees things in comparison to God.

Open your Bibles to 1 Samuel 16….

Read along with me v1-7….

What can we note in v1-3?

Samuel was still mourning for Saul but feared for his life. God knew the truth.

Samuel lived with his emotions while God calls him to live by faith.

And how did God help Samuel live by faith?

God called Samuel to live by faith with instructions!

And what can we note in v4-5? Samuel lived by faith by taking action on what God said!

But then, what do we note in v6? Samuel was so sure of what God would do based on what ?? he physically saw.

What does God look at based on v7? God evaluates a person’s heart not the outside physical appearance!

A simple story; a simple message: God looks at the spiritual, people look at the physical! A simple message but important implications!

1. When God looks at us, He looks directly into our hearts first!

What will God see in our hearts? The first thing God will look for in our hearts is Jesus Christ! If God does not see Jesus in our hearts, we will be God’s enemies! Allow Jesus Christ, Savior and God, into your heart, into your life forever!

2. Try to see people as God sees people. We really should look at people’s hearts first not their public appearance!

Easier said than done right? But with Jesus in our hearts, we will see the spiritual if we yield to God the Holy Spirit! It all starts with humility before God and prayer…………

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