Summary: The sin of pride is one that will destroy a church and we see in the example of Babel how we build our own monument of pride.

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Are We Building Babel?

Proverbs 16:18-19, Genesis 11:1-9

I. Pride Affects Our Worship (v. 4a)

A. Pride affects the Object of Our Worship

1. Pride in Ourselves Leads to Idol Worship

2. Pride in Our Wealth Leads to Idol Worship

B. Pride Affects Our Offering of Worship

1. Pride affects Our Motive for Worship (John 4:24)

2. Pride Will Affect Your Felt Need for Worship

C. Pride Affects The Result of Worship

1. It Will Affect Our Response To God’s Call

2. It Will Affect Our Life After Sunday

II. Pride Affects Our Humbleness (v. 4b)

A. Pride Affects Our View of Others (John 13:5-17)

1. Those Within the Body of Christ

2. Those Outside the Body of Christ

B. Pride Affects Our View of the Church (Acts 5:1-10)

C. Pride Affects Our View of the Savior (Acts 8:18-20)

III. Pride Affects Our Mission (v. 4c)

A. Pride Will Affect Our Vision (Number 13)

1. Corporate Pride Will Narrow Our Vision

2. Corporate Humbleness Will Give Us Greater Opportunities

B. Pride Affects Our Evangelism (Acts 10:14)

1. It Will Cause Us to Cease to Scatter

2. It Will Cause Us to Try and Choose God’s Crowd

C. Pride Will Affect Our Future

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