Summary: Only a fool will go against God's plan which will always happen!

Please open your Bibles to the book of Ruth…. We will finish our study of Ruth today and next week Lord willing we will study 1 Samuel before going back to the New Testament.

Let us summarize what we’ve learned so far from Ruth. Ruth 1:

Israelites Elimelech and family moved to a pagan land due to a famine.

Family got comfortable in Moab and sons married pagan women.

All the men died early in Moab, leaving widows Hebrew Naomi and Moabitess Ruth and Orpah.

Naomi decided to go back to her Hebrew people in Judah.

Ruth made a commitment to be with Naomi and to the One and Only God!

Ruth 2:

Ruth desired to work for food and ended up, not knowing, in Boaz’ property.

When Naomi found out, she was excited because Boaz was one of their “kinsman-redeemer”.

Boaz noticed Ruth’s hard work and nobility and helped her.

Ruth 3:

Naomi gave godly wisdom to Ruth.

Ruth was faithful to Naomi and God and waited for the results.

Boaz realized that Ruth and Naomi were seeking for a “kinsman-redeemer”.

Ruth 4:

Boaz did the right thing by finding out if the first “kinsman-redeemer” would take Ruth for a wife.

The first “kinsman-redeemer” wanted property but did not want to mar his image with Ruth.

Read along with me now Ruth 4:13-22….

And so,

Hebrew Boaz married Moabitess Ruth and they had a son. But did you note an important part of conception?

The Lord enabled Ruth to conceive! Now, we can be so caught up in talking about conception here that we miss the main lesson we’ve been learning that God leads godly people; and God’s plan for Ruth and Boaz at that time was to have a child. We’ll come back to this point later as we apply the biblical principle. God’s plan will always happen; the question is, are we agreeing with God’s plan? Why do we go against God’s plan when it will happen??

Now isn’t it interesting that Boaz and Ruth had a baby but the focus in v14-16 was to who?? – to Naomi!

Let us note what was said and perhaps get a hint on why the focus went to Naomi. v14-16….

1. The praise was to the Lord!

2. God did not abandon Naomi in spite of allowing her sons marry pagan women in Moab.

3. Something “new” has come to give hope not only to Naomi but to Israel!

4. Even though not directly her son, Naomi’s godly line continued (to King David!).

Why was the focus on Naomi? You see, without Naomi’s godly actions after her husband and her sons died, the Davidic line (which led to the Messianic line) would have gone through someone else!

v18-22 gives a genealogy of King David! Anybody knows why this list??

We can study all of the names listed from Perez to Jesse and we can note the grace and promises fulfilled by God! Let’s take a quick look at the very first name, Perez. Take a look again at Ruth 4:11-12….

Perez was well known by the Hebrews as a blessed man. As a matter of fact, Perez and his twin brother were conceived “by accident”; you can read the story in Genesis 38; but go back there briefly and just take a look at how Perez came to the world; look at Genesis 38:28-29….

Perez was not supposed to be the first born to be blessed!

A human being tagged a hand to be first but God had a hand on who will be first! God’s plan will always happen!

In spite of man’s sinfulness, God is a Gracious Promise Keeper!

The Lord God enabled, provided, made promises and kept them for Naomi, Ruth, and His Chosen People, the Nation of Israel!

God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow but He has a new Chosen People! In spite of our sinfulness, God is always a gracious promise keeper!

According to God’s Word, the Bible, what are God’s Promises He will keep for God’s chosen People today??

Learn from yesterday!

Live today with God’s promises from the Bible and He will lead you!

Always look for God’s plan and truly join Him for God’s plan will always happen!

How do we do this in a practical way? Another reminder that we must put on the Full Armor of God all the time! BBSSSHF!

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