Summary: Living Biblical lives for God’s glory!

Are We Really Biblical?

(2 Timothy 2:15)

John Wesley said: "I am a man of one Book."

John Bunyan (the author of the Christian classic Pilgrim’s Progress) said: "I was never out of my Bible."

And, this anonymous statement: "Men do not reject the Bible because it contradicts itself, but because it contradicts them!"

In this world of "relative relationships" with "God"…In this world that seems to enjoy thriving in the realm of inconsistency (like: "ok" with offering courses in the high schools & colleges on the Koran, Buddhism, Hinduism and many other forms of religion except Christianity!)...A world that is threatening the established Theistic belief of our Constitution…A world that has no problem with displaying nationally a "vague" concept of God, as long as the name of Jesus Christ remains detached…This world and its anti-God, anti-Jesus atmosphere that we find ourselves opens to us a real value we must adopt (both corporately and individually): We are to be true Biblical followers of God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) & God the Holy Spirit!

Not too long ago, I witnessed an attitude…An approach that rose within the ranks of the holiness movement; I heard a comment like this being bantered around by many: "I want to be a ’Biblical’ Christian!" In some cases, I believed many that made this comment…But, with others, I immediately became suspicious of their motives (which eventually played itself out in their lives). So, when I ask this question ("Are We Really Biblical?"), I wish to temper it with this statement: When we make such a statement…When we claim to take just such a stand as this, we must be very careful about one thing…Be VERY honest to this commitment of being a Biblical believer! Do not be one of those people that make that statement only for the sole purpose to free yourself from being under any rules! Do not be one those people that feel that anything the preacher says that you may not accept at first as "his point of view," or, "his interpretation." What bothers me the most about this position is this: These kind of folk question the conclusions of a preacher…A man of God who is dedicated to the study of God’s Word...But, they lift not one finger, they do not turn one page of study to know what God’s Word says about any given issue, yet they are now an "expert" or a "scholar" on what the Lord thinks or says! (*Please forgive me…This is one of my "pet-peeves!")

Let us look at something I really believe God’s Word attempts to get us to take hold of: The Bible, God’s own Word to mankind, tells us how we can establish and maintain a real relationship with God…And, the only source we can turn to about this issue is God’s Word!

You can know God better!

God reveals Himself to us primarily through His Word. Though the Bible is a divinely inspired library of 66 books, it takes on an intimate role with each of us because it was divinely inspired to teach us something specific about God - How He thinks, what He values, what He calls sin, what please & what displease Him and what He considers to be wise or unwise! The secret in studying the Bible is found in the approach we take before we study His Word - We must accept from the outset that we are searching His Word to find out what He thinks or feels about anything pertaining to our living…Whether it please or displeases Him at all. This MUST be the approach before we ever open its pages!

We MUST adopt God’s standard of right & wrong, rather than what Solomon saw in man (Prov. 3:5 & 6) - "Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths."

God does not say, "Just do the best you know how." When it comes to living our lives, He wants to teach us how to evaluate everything in life by using His thoughts and His value system, and not our own! And, this can only be accomplished by knowing & accepting the commands of His Word…The Bible!

The Bible is designed to teach you & I to think as God thinks.

The Bible is not just a compilation of interesting stories that God has carefully put together for our entertainment. God has carefully selected specific people, places and events to teach us something about ourselves! God designed the Bible to teach us about the choices we make, and how they will affect our relationships with others and with Him.

How would you answer a question like: "Is it ever ok for a Christian to lie to protect him/herself or someone else?" Or, maybe this question: "IF I don’t feel bad about what I’m doing, saying or thinking, is it then ok with God?" Or, one might ask: "Is God really concerned about the little decisions I make for my life?" The answers to these questions will totally depend upon your knowledge of God’s Word and the people in the Bible who asked similar questions.

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