6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Laboring connects us to our purpose, we are expected to labor in the kingdom

ARE YOU A LABORER? (What every Christian must know)

By Pastor Daniel

Preached Sunday May 17th 2015

Let me begin today by saying Jesus was a laborer

Laboring is not just a means by which we receive wages as a compensation for our labor

But laboring is also a powerful connector to purpose.

When you do not labor - when you're not engaged in the process of work there is an element of purpose that can never be realized.

In fact I dare say that work and purpose go hand in hand.

In the natural the man that does not work never feels truly fulfilled

Most men experience a measure of depression when they encounter a loss of employment or work - not only because it provides for your lively hood - but because we were created to find fulfillment in work.

God himself after creating the moon and the stars stands back and says to himself - good Job!

When he created The trees and the flowers - he said to himself Good Job!

And when when he created Man - he said very good Job!

We are divinely designed to find fulfillment in a work well done.

A great marriage requires hard work

Raising moral and godly children requires work

Maintaining a home, a car, a successful business requires hard work. With the absence of work there is the absence of fulfillment

The industrious hands are praised in scripture while the lazy hands are frowned upon and warned against. In fact the bible says the lazy are robbed.

Like everything else the devil comes to pervert work.

Work can either be viewed as a curse or as a blessing -

It is usually viewed as a curse when a man is enslaved and there is no reward for his labor.

It is viewed as a blessing when one receives wages or recommence and reward for such laboring.

Jesus knew that in order to establish his kingdom it was going to require people coming together each one doing his or her own labor or his or her own part of the work.

Many of Jesus' parables centered around laboring He spoke about the Farmer who sows the seed, he spoke about those that plow the ground, he spoke about workers, those who went out at the 9th hour of the day, the 3rd the 6th and the 11th hour of the day.

Everytime Jesus speaks about laborers and laboring he usually spoke about wages connected to the laboring.

The Christian who is not laboring will often times be wavering


Could it be that The God of ALL the universe has something for you to do? Could it be that in Gods divine plan he included you,

Inspite of all that is wrong with you and all that still needs to get right - In spite of what you know or do not know at the moment...


Jesus said If you want to know what the kingdom of Heaven is like -He said It's Like this...

It is like a land owner who came at different hours of the day looking for those who would be willing to work for him!

And so he hired them and said I will pay you for the work you do.

I remember when I was a teenager and landed my first Job...I just wanted someone to employ me. I could not be still I looked and looked and looked. I bought the news paper and scanned all of the help wanted ads - I called and made appointments I applied at factories, restaurants, department stores...

I was young and hungry.. I could not stand the idea of not working finally I landed my first Job it was at A&P supermarkets they hired me as a bagger. Boy I can't tell you as a young teenager how happy I was. I felt legitimized as a productive member of society. I felt authenticated that's the only way I can describe it. I wanted to be the best bagger in the whole company

Whatever you find your hands to do it. - Ecclesiastics 9:10

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it ...with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom."

If you have a consistent desire to do something for God, that consistent desire is Proof that God has appointed and anointed you to do it.

Let's turn to 1 Corinthians 3:8-10 (Amp)

8 He who plants and he who waters are equal (one in aim, of the same importance and esteem), yet each shall receive his own reward (wages), according to his own labor.

9 For we are fellow workmen (joint promoters, laborers together) with and for God; you are God’s [b]garden and vineyard and field under cultivation, [you are] God’s building.

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