Summary: I would like to encourage you to stop having a victim mentality and live to be a victor

Are you a victim?

Luke 7:2-10

Jesus Christ paid our penalty and rose victorious so that we might have the benefit.

He died that we might live

He took the stripes that we might be healed

He became poor so that we might be rich

He carried the burden of the cross so that we can be free.

Lets look to verse 2 of luke 7...And a certain centurion’s servant who was dear to him (who was highly valued) was sick and ready to die

NOTICE THE WORDS….. READY TO DIE (a victim mentality)

A middle aged woman was suffering from excruciating pain in her right ear for many months and often she would faint because of the pain.

She was visited by her church leaders, prayed for her and always told her to bear the pain as that was the will of God. She said later on that she was ready to die with that pain.

She was one day carried to a healing meeting (in a tiny church where a guest speaker was preaching, IT IS GOD”S WILL TO HEAL. When the lady heard that she said Lord all these months I’ve been hearing that it is your will for me to remain in pain but today this preacher says totally different. She said LORD if this preacher is right HEAL ME NOW. Later on she testified the moment she said that she was completely delivered from that pain. PRAISE GOD. That lady heard negative words and she accepted that and chose to be a victim for months.

Some people like to remain a victim because of all the attention that they receive

They enjoy people having pity on them

Whatever situations we may be going through, WE ARE NOT A VICTIM OF OUR CIRCUMSTANCES.

The definition of a victim is – PREY

The definition of a victor is – CHAMPION, WINNER

God has called us to be a VICTOR and not a VICTIM

When we allow ourselves to be a victim, We become wounded, our spirit gets wounded

But the Bible says JESUS was wounded for our transgression

In 1 Sam 13:16-22 we see that the mighty army of Israel, having accepted their defeat in the hands of the enemy was living with a victim mentality.

Anytime the Enemy desired, they poured into the Israel camp and harassed the Chosen army of the living God.

The enemies were making fun of them and they couldn’t do anything.

Infact the mighty King Saul had accepted defeat in the hands of the enemy and was just resting under a tree.

He had this attitude WHATEVER HAPPENS>>HAPPENS>

Luke 7:3 so when he heard about Jesus (what we hear/listen to is important)


But sadly, sometimes even the little faith that people have leaves after listening to the preacher.

Hearing about Jesus built up the centurion’s faith

V-3 says, he sent elders of the Jews to plead for him.

Today we have JESUS to plead for us (heb 7:25) the cross saved you but His praying keeps you. Can we trust JESUS for a change in our lives?

Let’s go back to the Israelites camp (1 Sam 14:1-23)

One man refused to have the victim mentality. No word from God to Jonathan regarding the deliverance of Israel.

But He said I am fed up being cornered by the enemy. Jonathan called his armour bearer to go up with him to fight against the enemy.

Do you want to remain a victim and face whatever comes your way or refuse to be a victim and start having a victor mentality? Basing not on our own strength/what we are or what we can do but on what the lord has done for us and what He can do.

As Jonathan refused to remain a victim and started to act the LORD gave him the victory.

As the roman Centurion believed in Luke chapter 7, Lets believe God and His word and that He is greater than any situation we may be in.

Num 20:10-12the children of Israel Because of unbelief missed the Promised Land. It was only a few days journey but it took 40 years

V 6-7 the centurion said I am not worthy (fit) for You to come to my house, just say the word and my servant will be well.

He knew one word from JESUS would heal his servant.

One word from God can change your life/situation.

What has the lord done/spoken for your problem? Find it, believe it, act upon it and this will change your life.

V - 8 says, why he believed that just a word from JESUS would heal his servant. He said I also am a man of Authority.

Just as he had authority over his men he knew that JESUS had authority over his problem.

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