Summary: This is a two part series on spiritual warfare.

The Lord gave me this sermon a couple of days ago after going through a series of demonic attacks in my life.

You see the LOrd had me in intercessory prayer for my church, which had been under spiritual attack. Because I had been standing in the gap for the church by interceding, the devil decided to attack me. Along with his attack came my insecurities about the ministry that God had placed in me. It got to the point where I couldn’t pray, I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t read the bible or lead the Praise and worship that Sunday. It was as if my mind became blocked from anything concerning God. It was in that situation that all my fears came to surface about everything that I was doing for God. I became sick in my body, My head began to hurt. to make a long story short, I felt terrible. The devil was attacking me and I really felt like giving up but It was in the bowels of my insecurities that the lord told me to get up and lift up my head. I am glad to know that I have power on today over the devil.

Today I want to talk about vampires, Yes vampires. When the word vampire is mentioned the first image that comes to mind is that of a palefaced, pointed teeth, bloodsucking creature from the army of the undead, who takes up his residence in a graveyard, live in a vault and sleeps in a coffin. These characters are usually portrayed in hollywood horror movies but were at one time believed to be real.

The vampires would always rise at night, seeking out its unfortunate victim who would either die after being bitten or join the army of the undead. The vampires would feed upon the living and suck the very essence out of them, which was the blood. The blood would 1) satisfy thier hunger and 2) cause them to live. So they would feed on the living in order to live.

I can remember watching these movies as a young girl and being unable to sleep at night. I would run around and close all my windows for fear that a vampire would sneak in unaware. I would look under my bed, just to make sure none was under there and let’s not forget the closet. My sole purpose of doing all of this was to make sure that I would not be a victim of a vampires blood thirst. I can also remember that in a couple of the movies I had, The vampire would have a goon that would do his bidding. This goon would be at the vampires beck and call.

Don’t think in anyway that the vampire was invincible because he wasn’t, he also had his weaknesss. In the presence of a cross he had to flee and holy water was not his friend. Sunlight could kill him and if you found his coffin and drove a stake through his heart he would surely die. So there was a way to get rid of the vampire.

The vampires that I am speaking of on today are not vampires created in the clutches of hollywood, but the vampires that I am talking about are ones that dwell in the spiritual realm. These vampires are somewhat like the the fictinal vampires but they are not after your blood, they are after your spirit. They want to draw the very essence out of you that causes you to worship God. The essence that cause you to give God praise. They want to steal your visions and kill your dreams. They want to bind up your mind and cause you to doubt the very existence of God. These vampires like to attack the body and lead you straight to hell. They have a plan devised and a trap set in motion to destroy you and what they do is they use goons , people who allow themselves to be used for the devices of satan and his boys. The spiritual vampires hide behind a deadly disguise and a mask,causing discord and anguish. They hide behind goons making it seems as though it is they and not themselves that are causing your distress and misery. These spirtual vampires hide so that the demise of your soul can be easy. Make no mistake about it thesr vampires are employed by the head ghoul himself, the head master in charge, the head Vampire himself Satan.

Anybody can be used as a goon: a friend or companion, a mother or a father, a sister or a brother, a husband or a wife, your children, The department store sales person, the elderly. A goon can also come in the form of a Pastor, an Evangelist, a minister, people in power, an employer at work. Anybody can be used as a goon, nobody is exempt, nobody.

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