Summary: God saved us so that we can live a new lives and become godly examples to others, who can also be attracted to God by our godly conversations.

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Topic: Are You an Example of Believer?

Bible Text: Titus 2: 1 – 15

Lesson Aim: Members will

• Understand what it means to be an example of Believer.

• Identify those who ought to be example.

• Discover the areas God wants us to be an example.


In 1 Timothy 4: 12, we see Paul instructing Timothy as to his obligations, Paul charges him to "be an example to the believers..." - 1Ti 4:12. Also in our Bible text, we can infer that Titus is being encouraged to be an example and to teach others to be godly example. Timothy and Titus are not the only people expected to be examples, but every born again child of God is to follow the example of Christ to be fully qualified as a Christian, and to demonstrate same to others. People should not only identify us as Christians because we tell them we are, but to discover that we are real and genuine believers in our conduct, our interactions, our speeches, our attitudes and in all manner of our conversations.

A. What Does it Means to be an Example:

The word "example" comes from the Greek word "tupos", which is used here in the sense of being a pattern, an example, or a guide for others to follow.

1. Can you suggest other meaning of being an example?

2. Can you give a practical occurence where either you or another person has been an example?

We can be an example to others in 2 ways:

1. By teaching or instructing them in what to do and how to do it. Vs 4-5

2. By doing it for them to see us, and to be able to do the same. Vs 7-8

B. Those Who Ought to be Examples:

1. Ministers of the Gospel: Such as Timothy - 1Ti 4:12, and Titus - Tit 2:7-8

-- Preachers, Pastors and evangelists should certainly set a good example for others

2. Faithful Christians: Certainly true of mature Christians - Php 3:15-17, and can also be true of new Christians (e.g., the new church at Thessalonica) - 1Th 1:6-8

-- All Christians, young and old, men and women, servants and masters, should strive to be examples to one another!

C. The Kind of Examples We Should Be:

1. An Example in Word Vs 2, 8

-- Whether in private conversation or public teaching, Christians should set an example of speaking the truth with grace.

2. An Example in Conduct Vs 5, 9-10.

-- Not only is our conduct to be an example to the believers, but honorable among unbelievers - 1Pe 2:11-12.

3. An Example in Love

The love we are to display is to be manifested toward:

a. God and our brethren - Mt 22:37; 1Jn 4:11

b. Our fellow man including our enemies - Mt 22:39; 5:44

-- In a world where love is often lacking, Christians should exemplify the virtue

4. An Example in Purity Vs 5, 12

Moral or sexual purity, both in thought and act, seems to be the idea. There should be nothing in your contact with the other sex that would give rise to scandal.


Are we calling on the Lord out of a pure heart? Then let our example be one that illustrates the power of the gospel to impact a. Our words b. Our conduct c. Our love d. Our purity

What kind of church (people) would we be if everyone followed our own example in these things? May this question motivate us to examine our lives and correct any deficiencies that we may find.

Memory Verse:

Titus 2: 11-12.

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