Summary: Our desires to have earthly riches!

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Luke 12:13-21

All the people said HE’S A SUCCESS

But God said He’s Stupid

God said He’s a fool

This rich man was just controlled by the

Force of the world

And not to mention the force of the devil

Men would point him out to their sons

They would point out his mansion on the hill

And his Egyptian thoroughbred Horses

His fancy Golden Horsedrawn coach

His servants

But God points out things as well..

And God has directed his attention

To His Lost Soul!!!

This Rich Man made three mistakes already

He measured his success in material things

He thought he could satisfy his soul with

Meat and beer

And the worst mistake was

He thought he was gonna live on this earth


Now we all know better than that don’t we??

Jesus Christ was busy teaching his disciples

And He was interrupted by someone who

Wanted him to resolve a family dispute over

What????? Just the root of all evil!


He wanted Jesus to get the money for him

But Jesus saw straight through to the problem

The problem in his heart----GREED!!!!

This is one of our biggest mistakes today

That we make people

We let our flesh take completely over and

Let our main priority in life is to get WEALTH

There’s many of us here tonight who can identify

With this farmer

He’s a happy man

He’s a rich man

He had a good harvest

This is what most of us strive for in our lives daily

To be rich and successful and


And in VS 19 He’s looking forward to

A whole lot more of it!!!

It says

I will say to my soul thou hast much

Goods laid up for many years

Take thine ease

Eat, drink and be merry!!!!


Not because we don’t have any

But because we need bigger ones

So here He’s gonna tear down the old ones

And build bigger new ones!!!

Everything was fine and good

And this is the typical lifestyle of Americans

We want to improve our lifestyle

We want to increase our wealth

We want to find more ways to enjoy life

We want to store up our wealth

We want to store up our possessions

So we can enjoy them when we’re old

We’re always planning for the future

We want to invest in the good stock

We want to have a big life insurance policy

We want to have plenty of property

We want to have a large 401K retirement

And all the time – We don’t need any of

these things

what we need is like that song

I’m laying up treasures for my heavenly home

I’m counting my riches by the

Souls that I lead to Jesus Christ!!!!

But everything was all hunkey Dory until

VS. 20


Thou fool, this night thy soul

Shall be required of thee

Then whose shall those things be

Which thou hast provided


I wonder what kind of shape this rich mans

Soul was in at this point!!!!!

I wonder what kind of shape your soul

Is in tonight???

Now God has changed everything around

This farmer ain’t gonna live to see


He ain’t gonna see tomorrow in this life

He’s gonna face eternity

He might have made plans for his earthly life

But what about his eternal life???

I don’t think this rich man was interested

In his life after this one do you???

You see GOD wasn’t in his life

He didn’t consider God at all

Is God in your life tonight???

Are you considering God at all tonight????

God said YOU FOOL!!!

This very night I demand your life!!!

Who is gonna get what he has prepared for himself

VS. 21 says

So is he tha6t layeth up treasures

For himself and is not


We need not to worry about the things of this life

We need not to worry about what our neighbors

Are thinking about us

We need not to think about anything tonight



Jesus wants us to see the things in the

Right perspective

He told the young man who came to him

In VS. 15

Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for

A man’s life consisteth not in the abundance

Of the things which he possesseth!!!

JESUS ain’t gonna be no part of furthering

Your self interests

Jesus tells us we must serve the lord

And Not ourselves - and certainly not others

You see our life is not to be planned out

And its not to be compared to how rich in

Money and worldly things we can have

Our life needs to be ready to face eternity

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