Summary: what it takes to make it to hell

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2nd Peter 3:1-10

As we can easily see from our reading

tonight, God doesn’t want anyone to

end up in that terrible place called hell!!!

God don’t want us to go through this life

without Jesus Christ.

This place called hell wasn’t made for

You Nor I.

It was made for satan and his fallen angels.

God is such a great, and wonderful, and loving,

Heavenly Father.

This wonderful place called heaven, has been

prepared for all of us, who’ll put our faith,

in his precious Son Jesus Christ!!!

Tonight God wants each and everyone of us

to be saved.

He’s knocking at your hearts door, and He’s

pleading with you, to come to him and allow

all your sins to be washed away by Jesus’


The Bible tells us in John 6:44:

No man can come to me except the Father

which hath sent me, draw Him and I will

raise him up at the last day!!!

There’s good news and bad news in tonight’s


The good news is, The Bible tells us very

clearly that there is definitely a place called


And the Bad news is: The Bible also tells us

that there is a place called hell.

But there’s more good news,

Nobody has to go to hell.

The Bibles lets us know that its all good

news for us, God tells us that He wants

us to go to heaven!!!

But we do have a choice and I pray

tonight that You make the right choice

before its everlasting to late!!!!

Tonight we’re looking at what the Bible says

about Heaven and hell.

This subject has been so mus-understood

and in this modern world we live in the worse

thing I’ve seen from most people is nothing

but, pure ole un-belief!!!!

Even though the Bible makes it so clear that

Both places Heaven and hell exist

so many just can’t except the fact its real.

Today whether people realize it or not

they are headed for a destination.

And so many won’t acknowledge it!!!

Its like a story I heard

a person got into a taxi and told the driver

to Hurry, ’m late, please drive fast.

Then in a few minutes the man realized

that the driver was going in the wrong


The man said: river do you know where

you’re going, and the driver said No I don’t

But I’m driving really fast!!!!

This is such a great comparison of many

people today in our world.

Life is in the fast lane.

So full of everything to do,

and everywhere to go.

But so many have no direction in their life.

We need to slow down and think of

the two destinations we are headed for. AMEN

If you think about it tonight, its so foolish

for anyone to reject Jesus Christ and pay

that terrible penalty of sin in a place

of everlasting death

There’s every reason in this world why you’

should be a Christian.

Just look around at everything that can

happen to you.

Asia just got hit by a terrible earthquake

and a tidal wave.

And California has been hit with the floods

and many earthquakes and the list goes

on and on.

This world can’t do anything for you

that’ permanent .

Just try to look into the future and you see

what reward this world has to offer you.

Do you know anybody that lives here

on Earth that has lived forever???

People the reward of the just tonight is

just as real as the punishment of the un-just.

And both are for eternity or everlasting

So don’t that tell us that there’s every reason

for us to be borned again???

It seems today that there’s so many people

that are just determined to go to hell

How can we worry about making a few

dollars here in this life, but let Jesus Christ

pass us by and we never worry about what,

Mark 8:36 tells us:

For what shall it profit a man, if he

shall gain the whole world, and lose

His Own Soul?

There’s so many Husbands and wive’s today

that will sit down and work out their

family problems.

And they’ll see to it that their families

are receiving the most happiness in this life.

They’ll see to it that they have everything

that they need.

They’ll even see to it that they have what

they want, and not just what they need.

But they fail to give the attention to God

that is required for them to have

eternal happiness??

We are so eager to give our complete attention everywhere but, to God, But He still loves us

and wants to save our souls!!!

Many people don’t even realize just how

hard their working at getting to hell.

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