Summary: Doctrine is imporatnt, and is useful for our growth in Christ. We need to be sure that we take God’s Word and the study of his word seriously.

“Are You Devoted to the Apostle’s Teaching?”


When their son left for his freshman year at Duke University, his parents gave him a Bible, assuring him it would be a great help. Later, as he began sending them letters asking for money, they would write back telling him to read his Bible, citing chapter and verse. He would reply that he was reading the Bible--but he still needed money. When he came home for a semester break, his parents told him they knew he had not been reading his Bible. How? They had tucked $10 and $20 bills by the verses they had cited in their letters.

The early church was a devoted church. Sometimes I wonder what happened to the church over the centuries. These people living in the first century had such a fire to do the will of God. The church today is classified by many scholars as lazy and apathetic. What a sad commentary on the times in which we live. I believe though I have figured out the secret to getting the church on fire again. I know how the church can grow like it once did 2,000 years ago. I know how we can have a congregation full of fired up followers of Jesus. I believe the answer is simple, and that is go back to the Bible. We need to return to the book in which God has entrusted us with.

When I say we need to go back to the Bible I simply mean Christians need to devote themselves to the study of God’s Word. I think that people naturally assume that the only people who need to study the Bible in depth are those who are teachers and preacher, but I believe that every Christian has a duty to study God’s Word. Every Christian should study so that they can answer people’s questions and doubts about the Bible. Every Christian should be able to defend their faith and tell someone how to be saved. I pray that each person here knows the plan of salvation, it has been quoted and talked about many times here, and I hope you have retained it. I do not believe there is such thing as a Christian who cannot lead someone to Jesus.

We all need to study the scriptures and attempt to learn what we can. Not only do I think that we are obligated to spend time studying God’s Word, but I think that each Christian should have an overwhelming desire to know what God has to say to them.

The early church has a biography written about them in the book of Acts, and I believe it is summarized in one sentence. This sentence should be our goal for life, and what we strive to devote ourselves to. The truth is we all must be devoted to something. The question is what are you devoted to? Are you devoted to your job? Are you devoted to money? Are you devoted to your family? I think it is a compliment to say you are devoted to your family, and that you were a hard worker, but I hope when I day people can sincerely say that I devoted myself to something different. I hope people could read our scripture text this morning and say that applies to Jason Cole, and I hope that we all want that.

Text: Acts 2:42

I hope that we can do some personal examination and ask ourselves, are we devoted to the Apostle’s Teaching?

I. God’s Word is Inspired and Perfect

II Timothy 3:16

If you were to go home today and read a novel you would read a book that may have errors in it. If you were to read the newspaper today you may read some errors in information. Many times in the paper they foul up the information. If you were to go home today and read the Islamic Holy Book called the Koran, you would read a book that may teach some practical moral values, but it was written by men. If you were go home today and read your Bible you would read a book that is perfect in every sense, it is completely historically accurate, it is completely true in every sense, and it is written in a way in which God through the Holy Spirit compiled what He had to say to us.

The Bible was composed by 40 different people over a period of 1600 years on three different continents, and yet there has never been a contradiction. God’s Word is inspired and perfect. There over the years have arisen many critics of the Bible, they try to disprove God’s Word, but they cannot do it because it cannot be done.

a. Answers every question

Ronald Reagan said, “Within the covers of one single book, the Bible, are all the answers to all the problems that face us today--if only we would read and believe.”

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