Summary: A look at King Jehoshaphat and his faithfulness to turn to God in the midst of the battle.

Are you in the battle?

2 Chronicles 20:1-30

- Are you currently in a battle with evil? Are you dealing with struggles in your life?

- How are you handling issues according to God’s Word?

- Are you leaning on God or relying on yourself?

- One man’s example of living a life that honors God fully, not part time!

It’s not time to panic! (V1-2)

- Jehoshaphat was a man committed to serving God in his title as King of Judah

- Some men came to him to say that their enemies were lining up on the borders

- This would cause many of us to panic – to flee from what we know

- How about today, is there stress that is causing you to panic? Are you fleeing?

Turn to the Lord; Hold church if you have too! (V3-15)

- Jehoshaphat decided to have church and bring people together in the nation for fasting/praying

-- Where is that today? Are we devoted to fasting and praying for our own land?

-- (v4) says the people came together for one purpose, to SEEK the Lord …

- In the midst of the fast, Jehoshaphat preaches on the faithfulness and goodness of God

-- States who God is, worships the characteristics of God; humbles his heart before God

-- Then he asks for his own need; through God’s will – NOT BEFORE!

- (v15) God then uses the faithful to confirm: The battle is not yours, but the Lord’s!

- Do you claim God’s goodness and mercy? Do you exalt the characteristics of God 1st?

- What would God have you say to Him when you are in need? Have you asked?

When the battle rises, stay the course (v22-30)

- When the church came together to sing and praise, the Lord responded with ambushes

-- The church needs to come together first; THEN God responds with faithfulness

-- If we are not faithful, He will not be faithful either

- (v24) They had prayed and fasted, and when ready for battle – they were already done

-- The Lord had won the battle for them before it even started

-- Where is your faithfulness in this? What would the Lord have you do?

- The believer is always concerned about what we get from God; do we respond to Him?

- (V26) When the battle was over; they came together to rejoice and to praise God

- After they had praised, they THEN returned home and where did they go? CHURCH!

- (v29) The fear of the Lord was upon them – where is our fear today?

- (v30) Look at the reward for us having faith and obeying the Lord … PEACE!


- King Jehosaphat was 35 years old as the King of Judah – age is not an issue with God

-- God is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34); He is merely needing us to be faithful

- The Lord is seeking our faithfulness; our obedience; our reliance on Him to provide

- Consider this week, consider the church, and consider your own prayer life …

-- Are you living the same type of faith-filled, relying on God life that we should?

-- God has more for us than the same old thing – if we are willing to go get it!

- Just look at the answer to faithfulness He brought to King Jehoshaphat for his!

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