Summary: Speaks against Laziness..(The sluggard)

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Are you idling tonight???

Are you living falsely??

If you are then I have bad news for you tonight!!


There are three types of people in this world!!!

1-Those who don’t know whats happening!

2-Those who only watch what’s happening!

3-Then there’s those who make things happen!!

Wise people make things happen!!!

Wise people take the BULL BY THE HORNS!!

When a problem arises – they take action!

Wise People are always waiting and

praying and seeking God – and ready for

any problem that could occur!!


We are not to be lazy and here in Proverbs

It’s warning us about Idleness and laziness!!

It’s calling lazy people sluggards!

A slug is a slimy creature that has no shell

And crawls very slowly and has no direction!

Do you want to be lazy and live in poverty

And go through life with no direction???


And never have anything to show for your life??

God wants you to be productive in this life!!!

Remember the parable of the talents in

The book of Matthew.

How the Lord gave five talents

(five million in gold) to one and he

Gained five and the other He gave two

talents and he Gained two more.

Remember how the Lord was upset with the

One that received one talent and never

Reaped or Gained any because He knew the Lord was A Hard Man??

The Lord said thou wicked and slothful servant

Thou knewest that I reap where I sowed not

And gather where I have not strewed!

So The Lord took it from Him and gave it

To the one who had ten talents!!!

So how long are you going to Laze around and

Do nothing with your talents!!

Church this will affect every part of your lives!!!

You’ll be affected Mentally, Physically

Socially, Emotionally, Spiritually, and it’ll

Result in your lives being un-fulfilled

And the potential that was un-realized

Will be catastrophic!!!!

Laziness cause’s more damage than you

Can possibly imagine!!!


A slothful man hideth his hand in his bosom

And will not so much as bring it to his mouth again!

I’ve known people that are to ornery

to feed themselves

That’s getting pretty bad!!!!!

This is all very humorous and probably exaggerated

Somewhat but its so very true.

Listen what Proverbs 26:14 says

As the door turneth upon his hinges

So doth the slothful upon his bed!!!

This is talking about someone who is lazy

Going nowhere – wasting his life away!!!!

We have to work Church – Work for the Lord!

I have known people just since I have lived

Here in Ohio, that are extremely Lazy,

I don’t have much for anyone who wont work.

One kid that comes to mind has had every good

Job in Northwest Ohio.

And on every new job the next thing you know

He calls in and is just to lazy to work!!!!

Then he doesn’t have a job anymore!!!

You gotta love em!!!

Matthew 11:28 says

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are

Heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

You see it don’t say all you lazy people come

To me and I will take care of you – does it?

It’s talking about people that work and Labor!!


I will not give sleep to mine eyes

Or slumber to mine eyelids!!!

People we gotta take action!!!!

Then the lazy person will say why should we??

Its so much easier to sit and complain or they

Point their finger and put the blame on someone else!

Why would we take action - when we can blame

Someone else – we’ll blame our Dad or Mom

Or our Husband or our Wife or our Brother or Sister

Or Friends or our Supervisor or

Our Teacher, or Pastor, or the Evangelist, or the Government, Or Worst of all GOD!!!

How about we blame something on the DEVIL???

If you want to live right tonight

LIVE FOR GOD!!!! It ain’t gonna be downhill

All the way!!!!! Its an up-hill battle!!!!!

But its gonna be worth the hard ride!!!!!

There will be gates of pearl, walls of Jasper

Streets of pure gold and an ever flowing

River of Life!

Before you can build a bridge to improve

Your life you have to move the Barrier walls!!

Let the Bible lead you and

Give you understanding about life!!!!!

We presume to much about tomorrow.

Don’t assume anything or make any plan

About tomorrow!!!

Because we don’t have any promise of it!!!

JAMES 4:13 & 14 SAYS

Go to now, ye that say, today or tomorrow

We will go into such a city, and continue

There a year. And buy and sell, and get gain.

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