Summary: This sermon is designed to remind you, that there is only one God whom we should serve.

Are you making God jealous?

2 Chronicles 32:15 And he took away the strange gods, and the idols out of the houses of the LORD and all he altars that he had build in the mount of the house of the LORD and in Jerusalem and cast them out of the city.

Good afternoon let’s bow. Today I want to speak about worshipping idol gods.

First. I have to define the term idol god. An idol god is anything that you put before God. For example your job, spouse, house, children, car etc. Explain. The Hebrew word is semel and it means image.

God’s greatest and 1st commandment is there shalt not be any other Gods before him. If we look at Exodus 20:3 it reads thou shalt not bow down they self to them nor serve them fir AI the alone thy God is a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the 3rd and 4th generation of them that hate me. The first commandment is concerning the object of our worship Jehovah, and him only. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. The Egyptians and other neighbor ring nations had many gods, creatures of their own fancy. This law was pre-fixed because of that transgression and Jehovah being the God of Israel, they must entirely flee to him and no other either if their own invention or borrowed from their neighbors. The sin against the commandment which we are most in danger of is giving that glory to any creature that is due to God only. Pride makes a God of ourselves, covetousness makes a God of money, sensuality makes a God of the belly. Whatever is loved feared, delighted I or depended on, more than God, that we make a god of.

Some people come to church for all the wrong reasons (explain)

Some people don’t think they need God. Explain

I people. The wrong reason people make deals with God.

To be entertained.

Some people want other people to worship them. They will not do anything for anybody unless, there is something in it for them. Some people leave church asking the question, what did I get out of church today? But the question we should be asking is did I worship God with my whole heart? Did I truly try to understand what the preacher was speaking about? Did my worship please God?

Lets get into the scripture with a little background. In chapter 33 of 2nd Chronicles we have the story of king Manasseh. He was very young. He thought he had it going on, so he abandoned his father’s wise examples., He did everything that the heathens did. Instead of him being a leader, he became a follower. You know how we do it. Instead of us influencing our friends to do the right thing, we let our friends influence us to do the wrong things. He ruined the religious practices that was established before him. He unraveled everything his father had established. He polluted the house of God with idolatry. He even dedicated his children to the false God Moloch. We can understand how this led him down a destructive path. He made the evi8l ones his guides and counselors. You see Manasseh was like some of us. God surrounds us with Christian and good people but, we don’t like them, they are boring, so we try to hold on to our friends in the world.

We ant to hang out with the wicked ones we want to eat, drink, smoke and be merry. But god has called us to another level. God wanted Manasseh to follow him, but he chose to embrace false gods. He abused the temple of God. He used his people for evil. He led his people the wrong way. He was worse than the heathens? Why? Because he knew better. What made god angry was that god spoke to Manasseh through his prophets and he refused to take heed. Him and his people ignored god, they wouldn’t listen.

We need to take heed of this. Those of us who are parents and try to raise our kids in the correct way, it is not our fault when they go astray. If you have trained them in the proper way it’s up to them. So don’t feel guilty when they do something wrong. Because Manasseh had godly parents, but he still went astray.

God sent a foreign enemy to destroy him. God sent the king of Babylon. The same king who was friends with his father. You see god uses any body he wants to. You see that person you diss today, might be the same person god will send you to ask a favor of. You have to be careful how you treat people.

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