Summary: A message of being ready for the rapture, or for death.

"Are You Ready" Text: Rev 22:20.


On Tuesday September 11,2001 At approx 8:50 Am The Worst attack onm the USA ever since the Civil war and Pearl Harbour.

At Approx 8:50 Am Americain Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767 with 81 passangers, 9 flight attendants and 2 pilots aboard, headed from Boston to Los Angeles crashes into world Trade Centre, the Northmost of the twin towers.

9:00Am A second plane United airlines flight 175 a Boeing 767 Headed from Boston to La. with 56 passangers, 7 flight attendants,2 pilots strikes World Trade Centre, the Southmost of the twin towers.

9:38-Americain Airlines flight 77 a Boeing 757 with 58 passangers 4 flight attendants, 2 pilots, heading from Washington Dc to LA, crashes into the westside of the Pentagone, where about 20,000 people work, including most of the nations highest ranking millatary offici8als.

10:09- World trade centre (Southmost tower collapses).

10:30 World Trade Centre (Northmost Tower Collapses)

10:42 United Airlines flight 93 a boeing 757 with 45 people Headed from Newark New Jersey to San Fransisco crashes in Somerset PA.

1."O My God" That was the response from people near washington who saw an airliner crash into the Pentagon Tuesday Morning.

2- Now I know How the Isrealies Feel" (Melissa Radler)

An airplane flying too low over downtown Manhattan caught my attention while i was walking to work yesterday morning.

I was standing on the street corner about 1 kM away from the world trade center wwhen the first of the two aircraft crashed into the north tower.(it turned out to be an american airlines plane en route from Boston to LA).

The boom sounded like a truck hitting a pot hole.(read rest of article).

Pope John Paul 11 said, I beg God to sustain you, and the americain people in this hour of suffering and trial.

There is no cause that Justifies this immoral and inhumane act...-Americain Muslim Council.

Primeminister Jean Chre’tien: If they need Assistance... Canada will always be available.

Watching the tv screen and seeing the reports all week long I felt as If i were in the movie, "Left Behind" scary thought isint it.

But I have Good new today My Bible Tells me that Jesus is coming again, Hallelujah. are you Ready?

1. No Man knows exacxtly when, we only know He will(Matt 25:13)

1- Not the hour,

2- Not the day(He could have come back Tuesday Am)

3. Not the month or the Year.

ILL: Date Setting.

2. He Wil Return(1Thess 4:16-18)

1. The Whole World Will Know(It wont be a silent return).

2. Empty - Grave yards.

3. Gone Gone Gone.

ILL: Grave yard in Toronto.

3. When you least expect Him There He is(Rev 3:3)

1- When you think He is going to come and should come.-He doenot.

2. When you think know way not today, Guess what.

Kyle In School-

4. You can be ready(jn3:16)

1Our lives are like those towers, may be in all blown aprt, your life may be in a mess today, but there is hope in the midst of the confusion and pain, all you need to do is call out to Jesus and it says right here that you wilkl not perish but have everkasting life.

for those who have said yes to Jesus, and we have our uops and downs our tials and our crosses to baer in the end we win we will not perish.

2. I stand at the door and knock(rev 3:20)

1- Jesus is standing outside your hearts door today He will not force His way in, the door knob is on your side will you let Him in?

Are You Ready Should He come today, are you ready should death come your way by way of war or bomb or crash, the Bible says that today is the day of Salvation, don’t wait till next time around because next time may never comne around again.

CONCL: In light of this weeks events, many will turn to Jesus, many will experince new life in Him this is noit just for the anmericain people , but for all who will call on His name.

Sing He’s Coming Soon

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