Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Do you really love the Lord? Here’s how you will know.


Deuteronomy 6:5



A sign in a pet store indicated there were puppies for sale. John Jones walked into that pet store and as he produced fifty cents, he said to the manager, “I’d like to buy one of the puppies.”

The manager replied, “I’m sorry, son, these puppies are a special breed of dog and cost $75.”

“I could give you fifty cents just to look at your puppies,” John said in a disappointed voice.

The pet store manager said, “Son, you can look at my puppies anytime, and it won’t cost you anything.” He whistled to the mother dog, and she came trotting out of the back room with four little puppies right behind her.

And then there was another puppy a four or five pace behind its sisters and brothers—limping and struggling to keep up. John pointed to the lame puppy and said, “I want to buy that puppy.”

The pet owner replied, “I don’t think you would want that puppy because, you see, our veterinarian has told us she was born without a hip socket and will never be able to run, jump and do all the fun things that puppies and boys like to do as they grow up together.”

John looked at the pet storeowner as he pulled up his trousers legs and pointed to heavy steel braces on either side of his legs and joined together with heavy leather caps over the knees. John was suffering from the residual effects of polio, and as he pointed at his legs, he said, “I need that puppy because I feel she can understand me, and she needs me because I would have a special feeling and understanding for her. So, I’ll give you fifty cents now and fifty cents a week until I’ve paid the $75.

This is more than a story about a boy and a puppy—it is a story about people; people who work with other people, who are significant influences in the lives of those others, and who can see things through their eyes.

Are you in love? Many crazy things have been done in the name of love. Many heroic things have been done in the name of love. Many incredible things have been done in the name of love. Balagtas said in his novel, Florante at Laura, “Ang pag-ibig pag nasok sa puso ninuman hahamakin ang lahat, masunod ka lamang.”

How do you prove your love for someone?

According to our Lord Jesus Christ, the one thing that causes us to backslide is when we lose our first love. Our first love should be God. And we should love Him with all our heart, with all our soul and will all our might.

How do we know we are really in love with the LORD?

A. “IF YOU LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS…” (John 14:15,23-24,31)

The first proof of our love to God is our obedience to His commandments!

cp. Nehemiah 10:29ff As a result of the revival happening during the time Nehemiah, the people promised to “observe” all the commandments of the Lord.

If you will look at the dictionary you will find that the word “observe” has six definitions. It means:

1) To adhere to (a law, custom, etc.)

2) To celebrate (a holiday, etc.)

3) To notice, to pay special attention to something.

4) To arrive at a conclusion.

5) To say casually; remark

6) To examine scientifically.

Of the six definitions only the first, “to adhere to,” is God’s way of defining observe. We can do all the other five, but it isn’t until we adhere to the teachings of the Bible that we really observe God’s Word. To observe means to obey or to keep His commandments.

What was the secret of success revealed to Joshua in Joshua 1:8? Not meditation. Meditation is a tool—a means to an end. Meditation helps to concentrate and clarify the Word of God. But you can meditate all day and still miss the prize. Only as we carefully do all that’s written in the Word that success really comes.

1. Obey God at Home (v.30)

2. Obey God in Business (v.31)

3. Obey God in the Temple (vs.32-39)


Cp. Matthew 6:24

There are things that you just cannot mix: water & oil, alcohol and driving, etc. In the spiritual realm,…

“Loving God and then living in sin at the same time, do not mix; just as darkness and light also will not mix.” (1 John 1:5-7)

“God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5). When we were saved, God called us out of darkness into His light (1 Peter 2:9). We are children of light (1 Thess. 5:5).

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