Summary: This Sermon speaks of the vast power that that small vessel the tongue has over us, along with the help of satan!

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Are You Taming the Beast?

James 3:1-12

it seems that in the past several months or even

the past year of so that, the news media has

really had a hey day with the catholic churches

and the Episcopalian Churches.

The news has had them in the spotlight,

It’s their Job to spread the daily gossip, AMEN

But I’m sure that’s a very un-comfortable position!

The Episcopalian Church has been in much

controversy about the homosexual bishop

and it seems that every time you turn on the news’

there’s another priest from the Catholic church

that has been splattered on the news, in the sex crimes!

My heart really breaks in two, not because I

condone what’s going on

but because the eyes of the world are on the church

and you can just imagine what the people are

saying, like, I told you that church is nothing

but a bunch of hypocrites.They’re all goin to hell!!

Or Who would want to be a Christian with

what’s going on?

or maybe

If these people are gonna go to heaven

then I’ll be right there with them!!!

But you want me to tell you what’s more scarey

than that???

People we don’t need to look at the Catholic’s

or the Episcopalian’s to find Hypocrites!!!

We can look right in our local churches

right under our noses, in our local towns!!

And our local communities.

There’s a force that’s breaking down the walls that

we’ve built with God!

and that force is called SATAN!

But you know he’s just doing his job!

Because He knows that time here on earth is short

and he’s gotta make everyone fall that he can!!

And another problem that, not just your local

church that you attend is having

or the one that I attend is having

but it’s a problem that all churches have,

and this little thing is called the tongue!!

Are You Taming The Beast???

Don’t you ever doubt for even a minute that

our tongue’s - your’s and mine

pose a threat to the kingdom of God, cause they do!!

just as powerful as any other problem

you hear of, on the news today!!!

We Christians are just as bad as sinners when it

comes to controlling our tongue’s!

It seems like across the country and around the world

church members are no doubt some of the best

at gossiping!!!!

No doubt church members are some of the

cruelest and meanest people around in our towns!!!

Let me ask you a question,

If you saw people talk like some do in the church

would you want to be a part of us Christians??


if you were a sinner and saw how people that’s

so-called Christians acted toward one another

and talked about their pastors and fellow church

members, would you want to be one of us???

People the time has come for us to stop running

our mouths about our brothers and sisters

The bible says

speak evil of no-one!!!

Listen to me tonight Church

we have made a hobby out of talking about

our brothers and sisters in Christ!!

If we are gonna stay in the will of God

its about time that we learn how to bridle up

and learn how to control our tongues!! AMEN

The trouble that can be done of us running our

tongue is absolutely astronomical!!

With our tongues we can BUILD UP


with my tongue I can lead people to the Lord

or with my tongue I can run people away

from the Lord!!!

We’re supposed to tame this beast!

And if we can’t tame this beast we’re gonna

find ourselves in the depths of hell

with that terrible one called the devil!

Here in the book of James we see that there’s

three truthful things that our tongue can cause

the first is our tongue is the smallest organ of our body but it’s the most powerful!!

The author of James begins chapter 3 telling us of

the power of our tongue’s!

He tells us that if you could find someone

whose speech is perfect and true, or in other words

if you could find someone who could control their tongue’s at all times or who never said anything wrong

then you’d have a perfect person

in perfect control of their life!!! AMEN

I don’t know about ya’ll but some of the biggest

mistakes I make in this life is I let my mouth

override my brain!

Sometimes I say words that I shouldn’t say or

there are some that I should say but I don’t!!

Moreso shouldn’t rather than should!!

Probably 99% of the trouble I find myself in

in the church, in life, in my family, or my job

is this little body organ right here!!!

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