Summary: This message asks the question as to whether or not we are willing to be used in God’s work as Mary was when the angel confronted her with the opportunity to bear the child Jesus.

Scripture: Luke 1:26-38

Title: “Are You Usable?”

Introduction: I’m afraid that too many times this story is read with skepticism. It’s a story that sounds good to read at church during Christmas time, but are we really sure that this story is true.

An angel showing up in a very poor part of the country and actually talking to a young woman and telling her she is going to have a baby without having a man involved. This sounds a little far out don’t you think?

On the human side of things there is only one way human life can be reproduced – It takes a human being and it takes God. (God provides “Conception”)

There is only one sex that can give birth to a child and that is a woman.

There is only one place where a child can be developed and that is on the inside of a mother’s body. (Very ‘Intimate’ very ‘Innermost’)

But in verse 37 the Word of God says, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

The title of this message asks a question, “Are You Usable?”

It of very obvious that Mary was usable to God and through her the world was provided with the wonderful plan of “Salvation.”

Mary was, in the eyes of most of the world at that time, a most unlikely candidate for changing the world. But God does things that astound the world on a regular basis.

Has God been speaking to you? Has God been sending you a message? Has God been asking you to let Him use you to help in building His kingdom?


a. God sent Gabriel to Mary with a MESSAGE.

b. There was no mistaking that the message was FROM THE LORD!

c. God is in the MESSAGE SENDING BUSINESS all the time.

d. Sometimes I look at my computer screen and it has a message on it that says, “You have mail.” – Then it’s my responsibility to open the mail and read it.

e. One day I checked my E-Mail and it told me I had 87 ‘UNREAD’ messages.

f. Have you picked up your messages from the Lord lately?

g. God sends messages in a VARIETY of ways, “Burning Bushes, Donkeys, a Still Small Voice, Hand Writings on the Wall, Roosters, Angels, things people say in Conversations, Songs, Sermons, through everyday Occurrences – Jesus said, “Behold the fowls of the air . . . ”

h. What is the MESSAGE God is sending you this morning?


a. Just stop and think, God thinks enough of you to send you a message, that’s Grace.

b. Gabriel said to Mary, “Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.”

c. Think about how we are made in the IMAGE & the LIKENESS of God.

d. Think about the GREAT PRICE that God PAID for us. – His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. (Jesus)

e. We are God’s ONLY SOURCE of “Producing Jesus to the World.”

f. What is the MESSAGE God is SENDING you today?

g. Mary’s message was to RECEIVE Jesus INTO her BODY.

h. Then Mary had to ALLOW TIME for DEVELOPMENT of Jesus – To FEEL MOVEMENT on the INSIDE.

i. Then the TIME would come to PRESENT Jesus to her FAMILY “First” – Then to her NEIGHBORS, and then to the WORLD.


a. First, Mary LISTENED to the message from the Lord.

b. Next, Mary EVALUATED the message – “How can this be?”


 If it is of God you will be GIVEN PROPER instructions to proceed.

c. Mary CHOSE to BELIEVE the message – “Be it according to YOUR WORD.”

d. Mary OBEYED the INSTRUCTIONS given unto by the Lord and WAITED until the TIME for DELIVERY.


a. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a TIME when the world NEEDED to see a MIRACLE more than now!

b. The BIRTHING of a MIRACLE is ENTIRELY up to you and I.

c. God’s HANDS are TIED until we DO SOMETHING about the MESSAGE He has SENT US.

d. God said, “I’m not going to do anything until you do something.”

e. What is the MESSAGE that God is SPEAKING to you right now?

f. What are you going to DO about the MESSAGE?

g. I believe some of you have said “Yes” to God a long time ago and you are on the verge of GIVING BIRTH to a MIRACLE today.

h. You have been FEELING MOVEMENT on the INSIDE lately.

CONCLUSION: Are you usable? Are you willing for the Holy Spirit to FLOW into your BODY?

Are you WILLING for the Holy Spirit to INVADE your innermost parts of your BODY?

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