Summary: Each one of us can be that argumentative person; how should we handle them as Christians?

Before reading our passage this morning in Mark 9, let’s note a few facts: First of all, why did Jesus leave heaven and come to earth??

Jesus came to earth to become a human being and die for the sin of people!

And did Jesus remain dead? To reveal God’s power over life and death, Jesus rose from the dead and returned to heaven!

Now, since He left the earth, what were His plans to spread the good news of salvation from sin while Jesus is back in heaven??

Jesus chose and called disciples (followers and imitators)!

God gave the Holy Spirit to live within disciples of Christ.

God’s truth is eternally written in the Bible!

And God of course called disciples to write His Words. A key to the Good News continuing to be told in the world are the disciples of Christ. And so, were the first 12 disciples chosen by Jesus perfect people?? We have been noting from previous chapters in the Gospel of Mark how sinful the first 12 disciples were and it continues.

Read along with me now Mark 9:33-42…..

v33: again in an intimidate private setting, Jesus asked a question to the disciples

Did Jesus already know the answer?? Why then do you think Jesus asked the question??

Jesus asked the question to teach the disciples!

v34: the disciples did not respond to Jesus because they already knew they were wrong.

What are 2 major implications that they argued about who is the greatest among them??

The disciples had ego/pride/selfish issues!

The disciples did not humble themselves before the Lord Jesus!

And so, knowing what were in the disciple’s hearts, Jesus taught about humility.

v35: humility, not forcing one’s self to be #1 but take opportunities to serve others, is the key to contentment!

Now look again at v36-37… How can welcoming a child be part of a lesson about humility??

The opposite of humility is taking advantage of those who are in need!

And look again at v38…

What 2 things can we note from John, who was speaking for the disciples??

Changing the topic?

An exclusive attitude! – ego!

v39-40: Jesus’ response - for whoever is not against us is for us.

And in closing this passage, in v41-42: Jesus goes back to the main lessons! – humility, service, and love in the name of the Lord Jesus!

Application time. Today, what percent of the population would you say are argumentative?? Just think about your own family; or bring up politics and religion…..

It is very rare to find a person who does not argue, right? Each one of us can be that argumentative person.

We just noted in our passage one of the reasons people argue; People argue because they think they are better than the other person, which is selfish ego! We need to think about this: Do we argue because of our selfish egos? This selfish ego is a sin according to Jesus and we Christians must say no to sin.

Now, there’s another reason why we Christians argue with others. What’s another reason why we Christians end up arguing with someone but not because of our selfish egos??

Christians can end up arguing with someone because of the Name of Jesus Christ! God wants us to stand for the truth and we may end up in an argument! What is the danger here for the Christian??

Remember the lessons Jesus was trying to teach? - Humility, service and love! Agape love is the opposite of selfish ewgo. In humility before God, we are to share the truth in love for Jesus Christ. We have 2 Scripture verses to memorize and apply to our lives; James 4:10 - Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up and Ephesians 4:15 - Instead, speaking the truth in love….

Speak the truth in agape love, which is not selfish but always thinking of the betterment of the other person. When you talk to someone, do you know where that person is going in eternity? If they are not Believers of Jesus Christ all they know to do is sin; be sensitive to their spiritual blindness. What do you think Jesus want you to say and do? Pray and think about these things for a moment…

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