Summary: Pastor Elijah Abiara gave sermon on how to arise from every form of background that may hinder Chritians

Proverb 6:9 How long will you lie down sluggard? When wilt thou arise from your sleep.

Ok let me tell you a story of a young man, he came from a poor background, infact he was known as an area boy, everyone concluded that this man is of no use in the community or even in the nation but something great happened to him…..

Judges 6: 6

The Israelites sinned against God and because of these, the Midianites, who were the Israelis neighbor, each time they make sure they take everything that belongs to the Israelites

Without leaving them anything, I mean the suffering was so much that it was beyond any imagination. Everything they worked for would be gone in a second. So they needed help, at first they thought they could solve the situation themselves, they’ve tried every possible way to solve the problem but still their enemies were still triumphing over them

then they remember that there’s a God that their forefather knows and that delivered them out of the hands of the Egyptians, and since the Bible said that “Whomever call unto the

e name of the Lord shall be saved” so they called onto the name of the Lord, and He answered them, but the answered prayer was through someone that was rejected in the community. Remember Im still talking about the story of young man….

Judges 6: 11-21

The Lord is speaking to you also today that there’s a might in you, Gideon had no idea, he felt he couldn’t do it, do you see what the Lord called him “Mighty man of Valour”, he never saw himself as that. You see he started giving all these excuses, about him being from a poor family, then he even put the Lord to series of test, that’s to show you how scared he was. The Lord speaks and you are putting him to test; If you look at verses 36-40, he even put God to more tests, you know our Lord is long-suffering, He wasn’t angry, he performed all the tests Gideon placed before him.

What is going through your mind? What has put you at limitation from getting up and do good(se rere) That course that the Lord has laid in your heart for a bright future, verse 14 ……the Lord said unto him Go in this might, that is with thee, You may be here today and looking as yourself as a failure, or as someone that doesn’t have any hope any longer, infact your situation can’t be resolved as you think, infact because you don’t have money for your school, you’ve concluded that life means nothing, alas you’ve decided that in your father’s house people don’t make it and you’ve started to look and feel such way; the Lord is saying to you tonight, ARISE & SHINE, bring us to the second command. Remember I said there are two commands;

The second command is:

Shine! Means Illuminate: The question is; How can one shine?

I’m not talking about putting grease on your hair to shine, that is good but this SHINE is different. How can one shine?

Let see what really happened to Gideon ….. Judges Chapter 8:24-28…….he went ahead and defeated every of his enemies and he ended up inheriting the fortunes of his enemies…..

You may be saying how do I shine ……to shine there has to be a light. That verse says thy light is come, the light is here already, readily available for you and that light is Jesus, it’s the only light that can make you shine. I won’t lie to you. There’s no other light, that can make you shine, stop spending your money on countless rituals, stop seeking solution all around you , because he’s the only light that can make you shine, in John 1:4 and John 8:12. But you have to also walk in that light and when you walk in that light, verse 2 and 3 that is when the glory of God will shine upon you, and the gentiles and kings will come to thy light. And when they come to that light they will now bring you their treasure because why? The glory of God is upon thee Verse 4 and 5 ….. but the thing is you have to walk in that light 1 John 1:5-7 and even stay in that light all days of your life

it is when you stay in that light that you will continue to have great result, you will continue to flourish.

All days of your life … Gideon stayed in that light for sometimes and it helped him then later he forgot where he came from stop being in that light and it affected him.

King Saul was also a man of timid and the light came on him. He became a powerful man until he left the light and things were not that great any longer. Same with Solomon, he was so great until he started walking in darkness and the Glory of God was departed from him.

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