Summary: For Christians, death is merely a passage to life by faith in Christ only! When Jesus encounters people who need Him two things happen: 1) He willingly goes to where they are and, 2) they do whatever it takes to come to Him. We should live the same way!

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Arise, My Child!

Mark 5:21-43


- Jesus is demonstrated in this book as a “servant”

-- Key verse: Mark 10:45, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

- Last week we tackled one of the most difficult chapters of Mark

-- It is clear from Mark 4:20 what Jesus tells us what we MUST realize (read)

- Today we see continue to see Jesus teaching to those who’ve come to Him

-- The application of what Christ calls us to do is APPLY what we’ve HEARD

- Bottom line from last message: When Jesus encountered a man who needed compassion … He was there to provide it without asking first for an offering or something in return.

-- APP: Jesus is there for us in the same way, IF we will seek Him out

- Read Mark 5:21-43

∆ Point 1 – Faith Matters (21-24)

- Jesus and the disciples head back across the Sea of Galilee

-- Interestingly enough: One crowd sent him away - another welcomed Him in

-- IMP: Wherever He went, there was always a crowd attempting to get at Him

- A man named Jarius, a leader in the synagogue, comes to see Jesus

-- This man probably served as something we would consider as an elder today

-- He was highly respected, a leader in the church … the JEWISH church

-- He describes his daughter as “little”, but at 12 yrs. old she isn’t little (precious)

- See his approach? Tosses his pride aside and comes to Jesus for help

-- Challenge: What would YOU do for your sick child? (Are you sure?)

-- This opportunity for others to see what happens when you come to Jesus is great

- TRANS: While Jesus is traveling to see this child, a sub-plot begins to unfold

∆ Point 2 – Touching Jesus (25-35)

- Jesus is being followed by a large crowd; many who need help and assistance

-- In particular, is a woman who has a condition with her blood (v25)

-- For 12 years, this woman has dealt with this condition however she could

-- The result were probably exhausting and taxing on her physically/mentally

- Additionally, her “bleeding” would have labeled her ceremonially unclean

-- Turn to and read Leviticus 15:25-30 (Jewish Law deals with them harshly)

-- She would be shunned from public events, and treated as an OUTCAST

--- Interestingly enough … the man possessed was treated the same way

--- IMP: Jesus finds the outcasts!

- Additionally, she has (v26) depleted her financial capabilities

-- No one could help her, but she would’ve still had to pay her doctor bills

- So, all her thoughts, all her need, turn to the One she has heard about (v27)

-- Look at the direction her mind takes as she comes closer to the Lord

-- IMP: Read verse 27-28 … her mind is consumed with reaching Jesus

- If you need to check your own faith for a moment, here it is:

-- IMP: Is Jesus the One you turn to at the beginning or the end of your struggle?

- How this woman approached Jesus is of most interest here

-- She doesn’t want to interrupt Him, so she approaches in secret

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