Summary: Arrow prayers are short prayers from your heart to the heart of God and express uniquely your feelings, desires, fear and wonder of a loving Father who is there ready and waiting to hear and act.

Arrow prayers

Have you ever been in the situation when you needed to pray an instant prayer for Gods help, in a situation of great danger?

Many years ago I was travelling with friends on a country road near Aberthaw cement works.

It was a very windy road, narrow with sharp bends.

All of a sudden a car came round the corner rolling towards us.

In a flash moment I prayed an arrow prayer, 'Lord have mercy' what else could you say in a split second.

We came to a halt, fortunately no one was hurt only shook up - but it's an incident, something I'll never forget.

Since then I have been a firm believer in arrow prayers as a means of directing to the very heart of God my prayer from the heart – a heart to heart prayer.

Arrow prayers are very short, fast and direct.

In order to prepare for this address I did some research and found out a little more about arrow prayers and this is what I found:

Arrow prayers are an effective means of receiving God’s help at a moment’s notice in the middle of any life situation.

Arrow prayers are quick short sentence prayers asking for God’s help while we’re in the middle of a crisis, problem or daily activity.

Other common names for arrow prayers include bullet prayers, flash prayers, prayer on the run, popcorn prayers, microwave prayers and so on.

The one that got me out of that list was popcorn prayer – what’s that all about?

But if you have made popcorn you will know exactly – when the corn is in the saucepan you have to have the lid on, as the corn heats up it explodes into what we know as popcorn – it pops.

So popcorn prayer is when a group uses arrow prayers spontaneously, in no order just as the spirit takes them, they explode into prayer…. pop

Here are some examples of using quick arrow prayers effectively, and the list is as wide as you want it to be:

Thanksgiving Arrow Prayers: What better time to thank God for something than at the very moment you are enjoying it?

Thanksgiving arrow prayers are the perfect way to generate greater gratitude in your life.

When something pleases you, or helps you, or comforts you, or delights you, or when you finally finish up doing something that was difficult to do, or when you receive a compliment or word of encouragement - shoot up a thanksgiving arrow prayer.

Different ways of expressing thanksgiving arrow prayers include the following:

“Thank you, Lord.”

“That’s really beautiful, Lord.”

“Lord that helped me a lot.”

“I really enjoyed that, Lord.”

“Lord, I needed that.”

“You did a great job on that one, Lord.”

“I receive that from You, Lord.”

For me the best of all that really lifts me is, Thank God for Jesus - Short and very much to the point:

- my salvation lies in Jesus so I have everything to thank Him for, Thank God for Jesus!

- my whole being is strengthen by His presence, I couldn't do half the things I do without Him, Thank God for Jesus!

- I have a good hope for the future and it lies in His gift of love to me, Thank God for Jesus!

- for those I love whether in this world or the next I know that they are safe in His protection - Thank God for Jesus

And then there is this one - Thank You Lord for Your goodness - For me this arrow prayer says it all:

- in the morning that I'm still alive and kicking, Thank You Lord for Your goodness

- at meal times for the bounty I'm about to eat, Thank You Lord for Your goodness

- for a wonderful sunny day when the sun’s rays give me inner warmth, Thank You Lord for Your goodness

- for the joy of life and friendship, Thank You Lord for Your goodness

- for my wonderful family I have and those I love, Thank You Lord for Your goodness

- Lord it's so good to be here, Thank You Lord for Your goodness

We can also us arrow prayers when we are stepping into the unknown (a lot of the collects that we use Sunday by Sunday are excellent examples that we can use):

- Go before me O Lord in this and all my doings

- Lord of all power and might, protect me

- I need Your help Lord

These are called Doorway Arrow Prayers

The use of an arrow prayer at the actual moment you are about to embark on any sort of endeavour, big or small.

When entering a room, a conversation, an important meeting or phone call you can shoot up a quick arrow prayer for God’s presence and help.

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