Summary: Jesus explains to us how we can receive the kingdom of God.



We talked about things that made us afraid, or excited perhaps in a good way like roller coasters. We acknowledged the difference between that kind of “fear” verses things that make us nervous, or truly afraid. We talked about things which, as an adult may cause us some concern, or even fear. Things like health, finances, physical harm, old age and even death itself. We talked about how, sometimes as a child we found ourselves afraid of the darkness.

As adults, as we gain knowledge of the world, it is very easy for us to fall into the trap of believing we can learn enough, gain enough power or influence or confidence within ourselves to be convinced that we are in control of our lives, and to a large degree, the world around us.

There is an old saying “Knowledge is Power,” and there is great truth in these words. Knowledge of how finances and business work in this world is surely an asset. Knowledge of how the stock market works for example is valuable to becoming financially successful. We can go to colleges and universities and learn to become doctors and lawyers. Knowledge and skills learned and honed in a skilled trade such as carpenter, plumber or mason also can lead us to success in the world.

But too often, when we find ourselves successful in our endeavors, satan begins to whisper into our ears that we accomplished these things on our own and we are in charge of our destiny. We begin to feel we can handle any situation, face and overcome any challenge. We begin to forget to seek the Kingdom of God.

But then, something may happen in our lives, or in the life of someone close to us; something over which we have no control. A devastating disease, a financial disaster, fire, auto accident… a tornado, or any number of things that can happen in this life and suddenly we find ourselves helpless.

And then, then we find ourselves crying out Lord, Lord why is this happening? Lord Lord help me. Lord, I am helpless, I can do nothing, I beg of you Lord, help me. Again and again we ask ourselves why we always wait until we’re in trouble to call out to God for help, guidance and peace.

I believe that ultimately we all want to be in the Kingdom of God. We want to know how to obtain the Kingdom of God. We seek to know what the Kingdom of God is like.

Yes, knowledge is power and I’ll tell you where you find the most powerful knowledge you can ever obtain; Knowledge that will equip you with supreme power; Even power over death itself.

In this Book is the knowledge of power. This book does not contain the Word of God. This Book IS the Word of God and we need to be in this Word each and every day of our lives.

God speaks to us through His Word He tells us how we can receive the Kingdom of God giving us the grace of humility, the joy of peace, the wonder of love and the power over death!

When we consider the temporariness of life, of the frailness of these bodies and their ultimate failure, is not this knowledge more valuable than any other?

So what must we do to obtain the Kingdom of God?

In today’s Scripture, Jesus gives us the answer. Jesus, in simple everyday language tells us how we, you and I can receive the Kingdom of God.


The Kingdom of God is manifested in the life of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. But look at what Jesus says, we must “RECEIVE” the gift AS A CHILD.

Consider how a child joyfully receives a gift; At Christmas, or birthday, or for no special reason. A child is excited and can’t wait to open the gift and see what it holds.

But as adults, for most of us at least, we find it easier to give than to receive. Indeed, the Word teaches us it is better to give than receive. Yet, for us to obtain the Kingdom of God, we must receive it.

We are offered this wonderful, eternal gift. We can’t do anything to earn the gift. But we must receive it, and receive it as a child.

Have you ever considered the faith of children? A child does not have to DO anything to be provided for by his parents. A parent doesn’t say “I will feed you this week if you make your bed.” “I will love you if you pick up your room and water the dog.”

As parents, we simply love our children, no matter what they do. Oh, they may aggravate us; surely they cause us sadness at times and great joy at other times. But through all the times, we still love them; Just as God loves each one of us.

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